Halloween isn’t usually a real big deal around Rancho Rogue. When we were younger, my mother never let us go trick-or-treating due to the dangers. Not from people we might encounter while out scavenging candy, but from our church. Now that I look back on it, getting shunned wasn’t all that bad. I think it would have been worth it to actually have some trick or treating memories.

We live out in the county, so we rarely get many trick-or-treaters. I’m going to try and hang out at the apartment tonight and see some cute kiddies in some costumes and give them some sugar bombs. That may leave Rancho Rogue unmanned, but I doubt it will make a difference. On top of that, for some reason it seems like it always rains on Halloween here. It never rains any other day here. Only Halloween. To traumatize our children even more by “next year we can go when it isn’t so icky out” being spoken by countless lazy parents. Mostly lazy b/c they don’t want to drive out to the mall to drop their kids off for the Monster Mash – there’s a great way to get a HAUL of candy. The mall management has a lucrative business selling store proprieters bags with 1000 pieces of assorted candy to hand out. My father, being the rebel he is, is going to Costco to get candy bars as opposed to the nasty hard candy and boring lollipop/tootsie roll mixes the mall sells. Too bad three and four year olds don’t buy $150 framed artwork…

I guess the biggest symbol Halloween stands as around here is the last barrier between the rabid retailers and Christmas. Not that it ever stops them from putting out holiday merchandise. But they’re still subject to disdain until Halloween is over. I still feel disdain until Thanksgiving is over. But I do realize it’s a hopeless cause…I’m not stupid. In fact, tomorrow night I’ll probably be in the thick of things during my closing shift here at la galleria – setting up our Christmas merchandise. We’re even bringing in a fully decorated Christmas tree from Seattle and some of those silly fireplaces that look like they have real fires in them. Silly john-john.

I’m mostly excited about the weather finally turning cold – no more 75 degrees! Hoorah! I am more of a winter person than a summer person. I know when it comes summer I’ll say I’m more summer than winter. But my philosophy has been “you can always put more clothes on to warm up, but you can’t always take more clothes off to cool down.” The winter makes you feel snuggly and safe and loved. The summer makes you feel free and energized. They balance each other out nicely, don’t you think?

At any rate, I have some songs from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” stuck in my head, and last night I carved a pirate jack-o-lantern before we went to see “Serenity” again. And RJ has a hugemongous bag of candy already from soccer Halloween festitvities. And my mom has decorated the house for Thanksgiving. And my sweaters are unpacked and hanging in my now-sturdyfied closet (thanks to ToG and John-john). And I’m now drinking chai or regular tea instead of iced mochas. Which is probably better in the long run.