In the honorable tradition established a few years ago…what I’m really thankful for:1. Getting a semi okay parking spot at the mall on Black Friday morning.
2. That Black Friday is over
3. My shiny ring and shiny fiance
4. My first edition Cat in the Hat book from Schilling
5. Cowboy booooooooots!
6. My Jack’s.
7. Final Fantasy games
8. The internet
9. Not working at Southridge anymore
10. That trail mix still has M&M’s in it.
11. Chai tea
12. Pippin, Kiki, and Apryll
14. That I have the freedom to skip number 13 b/c I don’t like that number.
15. Fire
16. Soft, fuzzy yarn
17. Soft, fuzzy socks
18. Nyquil
19. Supernatural and Serenity
20. Books, but not “Swann’s Way”
21. Bass guitars
22. Paul the Caramelcorn Kid
23. Pumpkin pasties
24. Getting to Christmas shop
25. My brother
26. Heartburn medicine
27. Stars
28. Bailey’s Irish Cream
29. That leaves turn colors in fall
30. Big long wooly coats