I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, I promise. I am, in fact, working on my annual Christmas posts which take me more than just pooping it out onto the screen and hitting the “publish” button – what I usually do. But I’ll give you a bit of a personal update until they’re ready.

I’m working lots of hours – at least I’m scheduled to work lots of hours – due to the consumer frenzied season. The gallery is busier than usual albeit not as busy as we’d like. Last night, we got word that our family business will get the boot sometime in the next six months to make way for a restaurant and new addition to the northern wing of the mall. Which means I will probably have to find new employment and my father will probably have to find somewhere else to put either his pictures or his gallery. Both of which will suck. Granted, the man is approaching 60, so I think he should retire soon – but that’s just me.

The air here is wretched. We in the basin traditionally are cursing a windchill factor of unholy proportions this time of year. But not a breath for almost a week and a half. The stagnation factor is reaching LA levels and adversely affecting the health of many around town. Including my grandmother, who has been threatening to go to the hospital just to get stronger allergy medicine. Including myself – I’m having a horrible time breathing and it’s affecting the heart rate I’m used to and probably some oxygenation levels and honestly, I’m not cool with that. I’m sure the people selling HEPA filters are making a killing. The air is so dried out that I feel like a paper bag wheezing around. I don’t think I’ve ever gone through lotion so fast.

I actually have four Sundays off in a row. Okay, not really. But four Sunday mornings in a row off. I work until the late hours at the gallery, so I’m sure I’ll be fighting a will to sleep in instead of go to church. Especially with some of the looks and comments I’m getting concerning my lack of attendance. Some Christians are insulting in their rush to be right and criticize as opposed to be Christ-like. What nerds.

Also, I’m very peeved about these new Google ads that are appearing in selected individual’s posts on blogdrive. I have heard they are a trial run, but still. It’s insulting. I’m very upset. I was considering upgrading to a better blogdrive, but now I’ll feel like I’m supporting the cause. And what’s with not allowing us to use outside photo storage providers? Now we have to upload to our own blogdrive account, which is ridiculous!

I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping. I have a few gifts left to buy, mostly waiting on ToG to get up early enough one day to hit the stores we need to visit while they’re still open or until we both have a day off. Which won’t be until after Christmas, so good luck there. Tis the season of working your butt off.