I am not very big on making New Year’s resolutions. To be perfectly honest, in the past I have normally made any serious resolutions around the time school started. Mostly because that’s when things got a little more hectic and seemed to “start over” for me. And they were usually resolutions to work on homework at least an hour a day, and not put math till last and to keep a planner, etc etc etc. The only one that has stuck with me was keeping a planner. I have two right now, one in my purse and one on my laptop. (Hoorah for iCal!) However, I am an adult now. Supposedly. Adult enough to no longer attend school, as much as I would like to go back and get my masters’ or PhD in something I haven’t decided on (thus negating the need for serious saving of money or intense drive to actually consider school).

So I guess I should set some goals for myself. If I resolve myself to do these things, I’ll inevitably fail. I’m not adult enough to be perfect yet.

1. I set a goal to not make fun of Dick Clark anymore. The poor guy’s had a stroke and shouldn’t be made fun of. I mean it this time. Ryan Seacrest and Regis Philbin, however, are fair game.

2. I set a goal to not purchase any more yarn until I have finished ALL of the knitting projects I have half finished. These include a scarf for my mother started in the first week of December, the very last Harry Potter scarf for Nate, and *something* with all that horrible yarn I bought to make a laptop bag before discovering it wasn’t really wool and not fit to felt.

3. I set a goal to balance my checkbook at least once a week. Which also means I must set a goal to request and keep track of receipts for all of my purchases, online and in the real world. I will guilt myself into keeping this goal by buying a calculator to go in my purse with my checkbook to remind me to balance my checkbook everytime it falls out.

4. I set a goal to try and post at least once a week on each of my two main blogs. Which also means I must step up my reading habits. Not really hard considering the population of the mall has taken a nosedive since the conclusion of the major holidays.

5. I set a goal to take less over the counter pain medication for every little ache and pain. This includes Advil and Nyquil. I’m determined to remind my body that Nyquil is not a sleep aid.

6. I set a goal to not drink more than one coffee drink a week and to supplement my drive for hot drink in my hand with tea. It’s better for you anyway…right?

7. I set a goal to make an effort at planning out meals a week at a time for the efficiency of shopping trips, avoidance of eating out so much, and an attempt to be healthier.

8. And finally, I set a goal not to feel bad if I break any of the aforementioned goals.