I’ve just about reached my darn breaking point with putting up with this Mohammed cartoon crap. Sure, I understand that Muslims are offended with Europeans insulting their prophet. Sure, I understand they feel they need an apology. Sure, I understand that there are a lot of extremist Islamic groups out there who will take any and every excuse to cause violence in the name of their god.

But for goodness’ sake – I just loooooooourve that we, as the U.S. get to be automatically blamed for this. Wasn’t it the Dutch who first published the darn thing? And weren’t the French the ones who kept publishing it and refused to apologize (therefore taking probably their first stand and not giving in to pressure for the first time in history)? Now aren’t the French the bad guys despite their opposition to our foray into Iraq? Honestly…I love it that we’re grouped in with Europe when they’re naughty, but when the U.S. is naughty – Europe can get off scot-free. And American newspapers didn’t even publish the stupid thing out of respect for Islam. You’d think that a country whose children are inundated with the idea of tolerance towards everyone would get a little respect for their tolerance. Sure, we’re meddlesome, but y’know…those Iraqis were being tortured and were victims of genocide. Yes, there were no WMD in Iraq, but Saddam Hussein admitted yesterday to planning a terrorist attack on the White House. (Granted, he was learning to fly to steer a plane into the White House himself…like THAT would have worked…)

This morning, we read that rioting Muslims are torching Western restaurants like KFC and McDonalds. Hello. Since when did America become the bad guy in this situation? And come to think of it, the Muslims have been pissed off at us since way before Iraq. Maybe I’m showing my historical and political naievete, but…why? Cuz we have equal rights for women? Because we were once a predominantly Christian nation? I’d think that would give Muslims hope that one day a religiously run country/government would work. Since they think Islam should rule the world.

I’m pretty sure that I as a Christian get my God and Savior mocked every bloomin’ day in some way or another. Most people consider my religion a joke or a crutch unless they’re just apathetic or a believer in it. I’m tired of it, but I’m not killing people over it. And I think it’s extremely lame that these militant Muslims are just using this as another excuse to be all violent-like in any way they can. Grow some thicker religious skin.

Really. I am a pretty tolerant person. But this just jacks my car up. America doesn’t need to apologize for the damn cartoon because we didn’t publish it. France and Denmark and whoever else did in Europe should be the ones getting pressure for an apology. *grumpy look*

Thanks for putting up with my ill-informed political rant. I promise not to subject you to another for a few months.