One of my favorite days of the year is here. I broke out my flip flops this morning. I have been a little tardy in doing this, normally they emerge in March, but I have been so busy working (a no flip flop zone) and wearing my cowboy boots (COWBOY BEWTS!) that they were granted a little bit of a longer winter vacation.

Although fall and winter are my favorite seasons, there is no substitute for the feeling the coming of spring invokes. Ahh the flowers, and the pollen, and the sinus headaches. But spring brings rain to clear the place out (I live in a desert, rain is a novelty). And the wind stops becoming quite so nipplyfreezingbrrrcoooooold. It’s a technical term. Instead, everything begins to smell a little sweeter and a little fresher and the sun comes out to give all of us albinos some hope of a tan. Or at least a good burn. Pretty soon, the temperature will rouse itself out of the nice rut of 60’s and 70’s and make a swift and steady plod towards the 90’s and possibly the 100’s if it’s in a particularly temperamental mood. Temperamental temperatures mean melt your face off heat around here. God bless the river.

But for now, I’m content to roll my automatic car windows down and fix the screen in my bedroom so the cats will not escape when opened. I’m reminded I need to find jeans that fit because my flip flops get tangled in the bottoms. And my toenails need painting. And a hundred other things that spring adds to my perpetual but unnecessary to-do list which I try to complete before I shed even the flip flops for bare feet and add the air conditioning to the rolled down windows.

Hello, flip flops, my old friends. Welcome back.