Who wrote this book and when?
Garth Nix in 2001.

Has there been a film version?

Who are the main characters?
Tal – a Chosen boy who is fighting to save his family and his way of life
Milla – an Icecarl whose dreams of becoming a Shield Maiden have been shattered and is now simply trying to finish her quest before dying
Adras and Odris – two Storm Shepherds who have voluntarily become Shadowguards for Tal and Milla
Uncle Ebbitt – a very eccentric old man who knows a lot more than he lets on
Crow – an adolescent rebel Underfolk/Freefolk who has violent tendencies
Sushin – the head of the Orange level who is evil, not human, and out to destroy Tal and his family

What’s it about?
Milla and Tal are now under the Castle proper, running from Sushin and his guards. They flee into the fish pools and meet up with Crow and his gang; the ones who had saved them from the poisonous gas on their way into the castle but had also considered killing them because Tal is a Chosen. They realize they must enlist the Underfolk or Freefolk to help them if they ever hope to find Uncle Ebbitt and their way out from underneath the Castle. Milla begins her journey back to the Ruin Ship, the Crones, and her fate – death or something worse. And Tal learns more than he bargained for when he is forced to work with Crow in an attempt to reseal one of the seven Keystones.

Why is this book a classic?
This book isn’t considered a classic yet, it’s too modern. Notice I said “yet.”

Why should I read this book?
To continue in the series, and because Garth Nix rocks.

Has it won any awards?
No, I don’t belive so

Why did this book make your reading list?
I love reading Garth Nix books, I think he’s an amazing author. And this is one of his YA series.

Favorite Quotes:
“‘Forget you heard that,’ Tal instructed Adras as they went over to the cottage Jarnil had indicated.
‘Forget what?’ asked Adras.
‘Forget it.’ Tal shook his head.
‘What?’ asked Adras. ‘What?’
‘Nothing!’ shouted Tal. ‘Never mind!'” – p 109

Anything else?
It’s wierd to me that there are only six books in this series…I feel like there should be seven because it’s called “The Seventh Tower” series.

Personal Thoughts:
The more I read in this series the more I enjoy the story. Each of the characters is growing up a little more with each installment and the plot line evolves into something more intricate and enveloping. I’m surprised at some of the plot twists, which is nice to have for a change especially in a YA novel. And although I’m pretty sure I know how this book is going to end, I’m still excited to get there.