Similar to the previous Thursday Next novel I reviewed, I don’t want to post a full review on it for fear of spoiling the previous novels. But there is a review on my spoiler site if you’d like to peruse it, and I would like to add one little note. If you do read this book/series, be sure to get the American version. Fforde included a bonus chapter at the end of the third novel which is not in the UK version. Here’s my personal thoughts, minus spoilers:

Personal thoughts:
I’m afraid to keep reading Jasper Fforde’s books. He has built up such a reputation with me that I wonder if it’s even possible for him to reach the expectations I place on each of his books. And yet – he exceeds them. This third Thursday Next novel doesn’t just build on the world introduced in the first, or the second – it creates another level which not only serves to entertain but enriches the previous books’ worlds. The characters – though “fictional” – are just as real as all of the rest. I felt I kept on traveling through a literary Diagon Alley (my favorite part of the first HP book) which didn’t get tedius in any way. And Fforde pulls out all the stops when it comes to references. Not library references – but pop culture references, movie references, literary references, history references…you name it – he references it. From Lassie to Hitler to Star Wars to Guy Noir, it’s there. Thursday is an amazingly complex character, who continues to not only surprise me but to surprise herself as well. Who else would think of making a bomb out of books with opposing idealogy?