Well, everyone can finally breathe a big sigh of relief. ToG and I are officially hitched and honeymooned and life is (slowly) returning to a normal pace. Which, I grant you, is still a bit of a breakneck speed for us folks.

Thanks to the help of many, many people: including the Mr and MrsPatrick, Doo, my parents, some new siblings and some old siblings, a few grandparents, pastors, and helpful friends – the wedding went off without a hitch. Well, mostly. I have some cd’s up in the bedroom of our first wedding pictures, sent to us from someone’s phone/camera phone, which are fuzzy but give you the general idea. And as soon as ToG wakes up I’ll fetch them…maybe…and post some for your viewing pleasure. I’m tempted just to open up a flickr account so y’all can see them and I won’t have to upload them all to blogger. And just so you’re aware, we’re going to keep updating our wedding site with pictures, maybe some anecdotes, and our music playlists because apparently lots of people thought they were creative and asked about them. And – if we can manage it – the movie we made for the ceremony.

As for the wedding itself, the only thing which went wrong was me waking up at 3:00 the morning of to a) my cat bringing me a live mouse in bed, and b) with food poisoning from the fish plate at the rehearsal dinner. I was the only one who got the fish plate, luckily, so I was the only one hurling from 3 am until 8 pm. Through the ceremony, I was just praying that ToG wouldn’t pass out and that I wouldn’t horrify everyone by puking up more nastiness on stage. But other than that, it was as perfect as you could wish for. Everything was beautiful, so many people came I was honored and surprised, and we even got to drive off into the sunset.

But the real reason for this post is to show you a few places we went on our honeymoon so that if you are ever in the vicinity of Spokane, my all-time favorite Washington town, you will know to visit them. I took pictures, which we need to get developed and scanned, but for now, I’ll just use stock photos I’ve ripped of various establishments’ sites.

First, we stayed in the Hotel Lusso, which is a four star hotel. The room was really nice, (although not quite as big as the one in the picture) and we had wireless internet, which was VERY nice. We could look up directions to anywhere we wanted to go, reviews on restaurants we were thinking about visiting, and the weather report which was usually rainy, and that was okay with us. The bed in the hotel room was the only thing I would complain about. That thing was so hard that both of us almost cried from joy when we climbed into our own bed last night. And…the room was slanted, which was awkward. It was funny – here we were, 24 year old newlyweds in jeans or yoga pants, or whatever and scrubbed out, standing in the same elevator with politicians in three piece suits. It was a nice hotel. I felt a little out of place but I still enjoyed myself. Though it took us 1/2 an hour of driving round the same three blocks to realize they had valet parking and not a parking garage.

We spent a lot of time just meandering the streets of downtown Spokane. ToG had never been there before, so we went to Auntie’s Bookstore and bought way too many books (a hardbound copy of the complete works of Robert Louis Stevenson for 11 dollars!!!) and sat in their Liberty Cafe and read. We rode the escalators up and down in the River Park Square mall and looked at EB Games, Pottery Barn, a few other book stores, and gloried in that which is a Ben and Jerry’s booth two blocks from our hotel. We also took the time to walk nearly a mile to a fantasy/scifi/comic book store, in which I was completely lost and ToG was completely overwhelmed with comic-y goodness. We ran around in Riverfront Park and took the Gondola ride over the falls, played on the giant Radio Flyer, fed the Sucking Goat (really, it’s called that), and tried to go see a movie at IMAX but were sadly disappointed at our viewing choices.

Being caffeine hounds, we scouted out many, and found many, lovely coffee shops. One was The Brews Brothers, which was right across the street from our hotel. There was also the Rocket Cafe, where we met some fellow Tri-Citians and had some of the best and nastiest coffee of the whole trip. And the Service Station, on our way not so out of town, which came by recommendation of my mother. It’s the place The David Crowder*Band plays when they swing through eastern Washington. I would go to Whitman college just to be near that coffee shop it was so incredible.

And then, there were the restaurants. We ate at Cyrus O’Leary’s twice – yes, the place the pies come from. Their coconut chicken is wonderful, as is their huckleberry lemonade. And their service is amazing and fast. Since it was rainy most of the week, we also visited Soulful Soups – which was like Stone Soup minus the sandwiches, if you’re familiar with that cafe. ToG made the great choice of the Sawtooth Grill, and we went to the Rock City Grill afterwards for drinks and dessert. I highly recommend their Blue Kamikaze. And by far my favorite place was The Catacombs Pub. It’s built in the old boiler room of the Montvale Hotel and is surprisingly cosy. The entire place is heated by their giant wood stove, and the old coal chute has been turned into a seating area known as “the cave.” The food was awesome – ToG had a rich calzone and I had their beef stroganoff, which both sound kind of blah until you try them.

Overall, we had a great trip – despite random phone calls from the FBI (don’t ask), people we hadn’t seen since college graduation, wrong numbers, and an hour long trek around Sacred Heart Hospital looking for my cardiologist’s new office. And sure – I still want to move there and I’m thinking this trip did a number on ToG’s resolve to stick to the TC. I just have one quandry…why do luxury hotels only ever invest in single ply toilet paper?