Who wrote this book and when?
This is Christopher Moore’s first novel, published in 1992.

Has there been a film version?
No, Disney has the film rights, however.

Who are the important characters?
Travis O’Hearn – a man who accidently summoned a demonic servant in 1916 and hasn’t aged since
Catch – a demon invisible to everyone but Travis, except when he’s eating people
Jenny Masterson – a waitress at HP’s cafe, recently separated from her drunk husband and taken to Wicca
Augustus Brine – an old man who owns a bait shop, chosen by the King of the Djinn to conquer Catch
Gian Hen Gian The King of all Djinn – his name is pretty self-explanatory, oh, and he’s Catch’s immortal eternal enemy
Rivera – a cop
Howard Phillips Lovecraft – the owner of HP’s cafe, has theories of his own about demons

What’s it about?
Way back in 1916, Travis O’Hearn accidently summoned a demon. Ever since, he hasn’t aged a bit, and the demon has been making his life miserable. The demon’s name is Catch – and he’s invisible to everyone but Travis. Except when he’s eating people. And for decades, Travis has been searching for the missing incantation to send Catch back to hell. The search has now led him to the tourist town of Pine Cove, California.

Catch’s immortal enemy, the King of the Djinn, has now shown up in Pine Cove and selected Augustus Brine to help him bring Catch and Travis down. But of course, there are complications. Travis falls in love with the recently separated Jenny Masterson and Catch is growing tired of such a moral master. He looks to the wiccan priestess of the area to set him free and give him power to rule the world. And just to make things more complicated, there’s an undercover cop in the mix trying to break the drug case of the century.

Why is this book a classic/bestseller?
It’s a bestseller b/c it’s funny and by Christopher Moore.

Do you recommend I read this book?
I guess. Well, actually, probably not. Other of Christopher Moore’s works are funnier and less meandering in purpose.

Why did this book make your list?
It’s by Christopher Moore and I’ve enjoyed his other books.

Has it won any awards?

Favorite quotes:
“He was a tall, skeletal man, who always wore a black suit and button shoes that had been fashionable a hundred years ago. Except for the dark depressions on his cheeks, Howard’s skin was as white as a carrion worm. Robert had once said that H.P. looked like the master of ceremonies at a chemoteraphy funfest.” – p 52

“The garlic bread lay there between them, steaming with implications. They, of course, must both eat it or neither could. Garlic bread meant garlic breath. There might be a kiss later, maybe more. There was just too damn much intimacy in garlic bread.” – p 106

Anything else?
I’m curious as to why Christopher Moore places so many of his books in Pine Cove.

Personal thoughts:
I liked this the least of any of Christopher Moore’s books so far. Maybe, as his first book, this is his weakest. Moore is best known for toeing the line when it comes to what’s offensive or what makes you think “did he just say that? I can’t believe he just said that!” (Sort of like watching “the office”) But in this book, he just seems to go a little too far each time. I never got to the point where I was actually offended, but I did reach points where I thought “well, that was just asking for attention, not trying to be funny.” The story itself was interesting and entertaining, as were the characters. Especially the inclusion of HP Lovecraft. And I felt that it came to a good resolution, albeit kind of confusing.