Just to let you all know, we have added some pictures to our wedding site. They aren’t completely edited finished photos, but they are taken by our professional photographer and her assistant. We have almost 1,000 images to go through, so forgive us for only putting about 15 or 20 up. But if you weren’t there, you’ll get the general idea of what it looked like. And if you were there, well…maybe you can find yourself in the background!

In other news, my decrease in posting frequency may become even more infrequent. My laptop has been on the fritz. *again* I usually have no problems whatsoever with my laptop, it being an Apple computer. But lately its been narcoleptic (randomly going into sleep mode), sometimes deciding its lazy and wanting to turn off without asking, and several of the keys refuse to work or work very intermittently. (Such as the dash, the left bracket, and the apostrophe/quote key). Hence, the bad grammar and punctuation. Sorry.

This also gives me another excuse to not participate in NaNoWriMo this year. Last year I didnt know about it until after November started and something else was going on, although I dont remember what. My husband has been trying to persuade me with flattery and guilt, alternating, but what it comes down to is this. I simply have nothing to write about. No stories floating around in my head or little quirky ideas. Ive been too exhausted lately to work on an outline or anything and the thought of writing 2,000 words a day on average makes me want to crawl headfirst under the covers and stay until December. Also ~ I have jury duty in November, which is putting a damper on ALL my plans for that month. Im hoping *crosses fingers* that since I recently changed my name, I will not be in the system anymore as a registered voter and will get out of it. I highly doubt that will happen, but theres always hope ~ especially with our government system.