A review of the original Captain Blood

Who wrote this book and when?
Rafael Sabatini published this in 1930. There is another Captain Blood book called “The Fortunes of Captain Blood.” I’ll have to look for it…

Has there been a film version?
Just the film version of the first book – starring Errol Flynn and made in 1935. It is excellent.

Who are the important characters?
Captain Peter Blood – a doctor turned slave turned doctor/slave turned pirate
Jeremy Pitt – one of Blood’s mates, a sensitive young man who is very loyal to Blood
Wolverstone – an enormous man who works for Blood
Ogle – the gunner aboard the Arabella, an extremely talented marksman when it comes to cannons

What’s it about?
This book covers some of Captain Blood’s exploits which weren’t accounted in the original book. The happened after his turn to piracy but before he wins over Arabella.

Why is this book a classic/bestseller?
It was incredibly popular when it first came out. And may be making a comeback thanks to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Do you recommend I read this book?
If you liked the first Captain Blood book you’ll probably like this one.

Why did this book make your list?
I enjoyed reading the first book and had no idea there were others in the series. But lo and behold, the lovely and talented Richland Public Library surprised me and I just had to bring the book home.

Has it won any awards?

Favorite quotes:
“Captain Blood was pleased with the world; which is but another way of saying that he was pleased with himself.” – p 130

Anything else?
There is a video game version of this and the first book in this series slated to come out sometime in the future for the Xbox 360. I will definitely get my brother to let me play it if/when it comes out.

Personal thoughts:
This is not quite as good as the first book about Captain Peter Blood, but only because it is a series of short stories about the adventures of the pirate instead of one long tale. The characters are just as exciting as ever as well as the villains just as villainous. It is still hard for me to read short stories, even if they’re all about the same person, but this book was entertaining. I especially enjoyed the story about Captain Blood’s capture. It seemed very O. Henry-esque. Overall, this was a pretty good pick up and have a fun read sort of book.