Well, here we are again. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and that is the official gun for the holiday race which will only end on January 2nd with all of us exhausted, poorer, and probably a wee bit fatter. Oh goody.

ToG and I have already gotten our Christmas presents for each other and opened them and played them. I’ve logged nearly 13 hours on Zelda: The Twilight Princess, and from what I hear, that’s only about a fifth of the game. It’s fun and pretty – and although my friend Dave, my brother in law Scott, and my husband are trying to turn it into some type of competition to finish the game first, I’m more a leisurely player. I spend more time on sidequests than the main plot of the game…but honestly at this point, I’m wondering where they all are. Maybe after I finish off this last temple. We’ll see.

That’s right. We have a Wii. My wonderful husband dragged himself out of bed at 4 am on Sunday to go stand outside Fred Meyer with 24 other poor souls in the nearly freezing temperatures just to get his hands on one. And considering it cost almost $350 with the game and the console, wii will be our Christmas present this year. That’s a load off my mind as my husband is notoriously hard to shop for, just like every other husband, I’ve heard.

We also purchased Guitar Hero II for our PS2 (we were not insane enough to stand in line for a PS3, although my brother has one he’s planning to sell on eBay sometime in the future). So we’ve been rocking out on our way to rock god status. My husband is far more talented than I in this matter. (A different matter in Zelda.)

This is the first time in 8 years I will not be working retail on Black Friday. This is a source of deep joy for me – as only those who have worked retail at a mall on Black Friday can understand. I am pretty sure on Friday I will be doing nothing but playing the aforementioned video games and possibly Wii sports, watching movies, reading the devilishly large supply of library books I recently acquired and possibly writing some reviews.

Our cats have just been in heat at the same time, and got along for the first time in at least 2 months. As long as they have known each other. They at least gave us a respite from the frantic chases all over the apartment in exchange for the hours on end of caterwauling.

And to round out this random post mostly done out of guilt, a story. My mother is a high school English teacher and the last student teacher she had gave us a pumpkin chocolate cheesecake as a thank you gift at the end of the semester. It was the best cheesecake I have ever eaten, although it might sound a little…terrible tasting. I looked and searched ever since then for a recipe for pumpkin chocolate cheesecake and in vain. All of them either just have a chocolate graham cracker crust, or use chocolate chips to dot the top, or drizzle chocolate over the filling. Not what we had. But today, in an obscure archived article from a Kentucky newspaper, I found it. Pumpkin Swirl Chocolate Cheesecake.

As soon as I can go grocery shopping, the gastronomical joy will commence.

happy thanksgiving, dudes and dudettes.