Normally about this time I’m begging my mother to let us keep the Christmas tree and holiday decorations up a little longer.

Not so this year.

I just finished packing up the last of our Christmas lights (after scaring our cats half to death by dropping lights from the balcony) and putting them away in nice labeled boxes. We’ll see how long that organization lasts. This also marks the beginning of New Year’s Resolution fulfilling. Or attempts at it. We hauled our tree out the backdoor so it could carpet with needles outside instead of on our white carpet and I’m trying to convince my father to pick it up and haul it to a tree disposal service since it won’t fit in our car. I have never been so ready to be finished with Christmas. And I’m fairly certain my husband feels the same way. We experience not one or two or three, but FOUR Christmas celebrations in a week’s period of time. And although he seems convinced it was his family that did me in on Christmas celebrations, it was not. I had fun on the western side of the state, as usual.

We celebrated our own little Christmas together last Wednesday night – opening stockings and having a fire in our 70’s era fireplace. Our mutual gift to each other for Christmas was the Wii. And it is a gift which just keeps on giving. Thursday morning, we headed over the pass to Spanaway to celebrate with his family. We spent two days relaxing and watching his brother try to catch up to us in Guitar Hero. Friday night we went out to dinner and to see “The Nativity Story.” The movie wasn’t as horrific as I thought it could be, although I don’t really care for Keisha Castle-Hughes as an actress. She’s not expressive enough. Saturday we celebrated Christmas with the Meaden family and Sunday after church we headed to Battle Ground to celebrate with his grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins on Monday. I have never in my life, ever, spent four and a half hours opening presents. Or witnessed such a hilarious visit by Santa Claus. If I ever figure out how to transfer pictures from my phone to my laptop I will definitely post them. Finally, Tuesday morning, we drove back home to celebrate one last Christmas with my family. It was fairly quiet, although with the new flat screen plasma tv and surround sound, as soon as we were done opening gifts, it became fairly not quiet. All in all – I’m exhausted. Mostly from the traveling, however, and not really from the family mayhem.

So now I’m desperately trying to pick up where I left off in the middle of apartment cleaning. I will probably post my New Years’ Resolution list sometime in the next few days – as I am currently constructing it. And I have been conned into writing my Top Ten Films of 2006 list along with my husband; so, starting the first of the year, be sure to check his blog for my top 10.

By the way, if you’d like to receive updates when I blog, leave me a comment and I’ll see about putting you on the “nice” list….