For the first time in my life, I have actually kept a new year’s resolution for an entire year. I feel so accomplished. But I’m sure once you hear the resolution you’ll not be so impressed. So before I tell you, here are the *hopefuls* for this year…

1. Go see more movies with my husband.
I know that my husband loves to watch movies and talk about movies and (i promise he isn’t a fanatic) especially go see movies in the theater on opening weekend. And I felt very guilty when he went to make up his Top Ten Movie List and his number of movie viewings was down by nearly half from 2005. This is mostly ( no matter how he may protest ) due to me and several factors I bring into play. Firstly, I do not like seeing movies with large crowds; they’re loud, usually make me feel claustrophobic, and 9 times out of 10, we get the most obnoxious male idiots or teen queens on earth sitting right behind us. There goes opening weekends. Second, I don’t like going to go see movies during the day. It really throws my internal clock off to go inside when it’s light and come outside when it’s dark. Jason works swing shift – there goes many movie showings. And finally, I am a nazi when it comes to our budget. I’d more like to put 15 dollars in savings just to be on the save side than to go see two hours of fiction. But – all this to say, I love my husband dearly and I’m going to make an effort to go see more films with him this year. Because it’s important to him.

2. Get the Guest Room cleaned up and organized.
This one I am very hopeful about. Mostly because I’ve already cleaned the closet, invested in a covered catbox, and vacuumed the clear areas of the floor. The guest room slowly devolved into our junk room after we were married and had a plethora of odds and ends we didn’t know what to do with. But since we are calling it a guest room, I’m going to do my best to make it appealing to guests and that involves some rearranging, some window scrubbing, and some trips to Goodwill.

3. Try and exercise at least once a week.
I am notoriously bad about getting exercise. Mostly because I have a very good excuse in a congenital heart defect. But unfortunately, my cardiologist has figured out my evil plan and commanded me to do this. So it’s not really a resolution but being obedient to one of the men who saved my little ticker. But I feel better calling it a resolution.

4. Continue wading through my Book List.
This may seem like a cop out, but it’s not. Since returning to my library roots, I’ve become more and more distracted from the classics and have started reading silly little novels like the Mitford series, and such. I need to readily apply myself to finding the books on my list at the RPL instead of walking in and just picking up the first thing that catches my eye. Because that list just keeps getting bigger…

5. Learn the mouth harp.
This might be the hardest one for me to accomplish (even more than the exercise one) because I don’t currently OWN a mouth harp. (Not a harmonica, for those of you who thought so…) I have no idea WHERE to get a mouth harp, nor how to learn it. But I am bound and determined to learn it so I can implement it at DOXA sometime. Just for fun. And to shake things up a bit. After I learn the mouth harp, I want to learn the hammer dulcimer. But that’s a significantly larger investment financially than a little mouth harp.

6. Delete all those annoying people who send out hundreds of MySpace bulletins saying “Leave me a comment” or “look at all my new fabulous pictures.”
I’m pretty sure this is fairly self-explanatory. Not that I’m on MySpace all that often, but I do actually have friends on there who post important things about their lives through bulletins, including prayer requests and information about their children and illnesses. So I’d much rather have that on there and less bulletins than feel popular and a million worthless messages about nothing I will ever care about. No matter who they’re from.

So there you go. Welcome 2007, good riddance 2006. About the only good thing to come out of you, 2006, was my marriage and some really cool video games. But I have a good feeling about our friend 2007. And this time next year we’ll see if I can make a streak out of keeping these things…

By the way, my fulfilled New Year’s Resolution (which I fully intend to keep this year as well)? No more making fun of Dick Clark.

Happy New Year!