Who wrote this book and when?
Carrie Bebris in 2005.

Has there been a film version?

Who are the important characters?
Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy – wife of Mr. Darcy, a woman with a strong intuition concerning the supernatural and an eagerness to solve mysteries
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy – a gentleman of high standing in England, very logical and down to earth as well as very much in love with his wife
Kitty Bennet – Elizabeth’s younger sister, looking for a husband
Mr. Harry Dashwood – a young man of fortune, in love with Kitty Bennet
Mrs. Fanny Dashwood – Harry’s mother
Sir Francis Dashwood – Harry’s great uncle, the greatest libertine England has known, dead for 30 years
Mrs. Lucy Ferrars – Harry’s aunt, very annoying gossipy type
Miss Regina Ferrars – Lucy’s daughter, insinuated she is very overweight, the unofficial fiancee of Harry

What’s it about?
Mr. and Mrs. Darcy have found themselves in London supervising Kitty throughout the social season as she attempts to find a suitor. Their dreams seem to be unequivocally answered in the personage of Mr. Harry Dashwood – a new homeowner with a substantial fortune and who also happens to be smitten with Kitty. However, his mother takes an instant disliking to Kitty and seems to be pushing her son to marry his cousin Regina instead. But when Harry and Kitty finally get engaged, he seems to change overnight to someone completely different. Mr. Darcy suspects a scoundrel, while Elizabeth suspects supernatural circumstances.

Why is this book a classic/bestseller?
It is neither.

Do you recommend I read this book?
Yes, if you enjoyed the first one.

How did this book make your list?
I wanted to read some spinoffs from Jane Austen.

Has it won any awards?
No, but it was a finalist for the 2006 Daphne du Maurier Romantic Suspense award.

Favorite quotes:
“With that, she blew out of the room as quickly as she had blown in, a sudden summer shower that fleetingly deluges those caught beneath it before moving on to drench another unwary party.” – p 201

Anything else?
There is at least one more book in this series, which I am highly excited to read. Also, the Hell-Fire Club and Sir Francis Dashwood are true historical people/groups. There have been rumors of the Hell-Fire club existing today in Britain, Australia, and the United States. In the X-Men universe, Emma Frost is the Queen of a Hell Fire Club based in the US.

Personal thoughts:
If I had any disappointments involving the first book in this series, all were resolved in this second installment. The characters are increasingly well captured and developed – not to mention the addition of the Dashwood family was a special treat that I am tempted to hope will be continued in further novels. The element from the portrait of Dorian Grey was wonderful as well – although it was slightly more sinister than even the classic itself. I continually felt in the movies and novels that Kitty was the one overlooked sister in the Bennet household; Jane and Elizabeth were romanticized, Mary was poked fun at, and Lydia of course caused scandal. But Kitty however, was merely spoken of as “following Lydia wherever she leads.” I was very pleased to see Kitty take on a larger role in this novel while staying true to herself – someone open to influence. And I was also pleased to see that the novel ends in the direction Jane Austen herself claimed Kitty’s life to follow.