This weekend I saw an old man in yellow tennis shoes skipping along the top of a garden wall at the local library. He danced on the top of it to read a sign and then when he noticed people watching him, he stopped and stooped and stepped down.

At the used bookstore, they have categorized their books so the Kama Sutra and “The Last Temptation of Christ” are right next to each other. I find this thoroughly amusing.

We are supposed to start MS shots this week sometime. I’m not sure if I am more stressed out about that or about being at the hospital at 6:45 tomorrow morning for an MRI. And I’m not even the sick one.

Everyone should come to DOXA on March 2nd. First Baptist Church of Richland, 7 pm. I’ll be rocking out on the keyboard. And maybe the gewgaw. If you’re lucky.