We’re home from the hospital.

Jason is upstairs enjoying a nice long hot shower and rejoicing in the fact he hasn’t thrown up his corn chowder, cookie, saltines, and jello. Do you ever notice that being in the hospital for any period of time makes you feel like you need a shower? I don’t know if it’s because all the chairs and beds are vinyl underneath the sheet or your seat and that makes you feel dirty or what. But I usually shower only every other day or else my curly hair stages a rebellion of epic proportions…yet when I came home for a break this morning I immediately took a shower despite having taken one yesterday. But anyway.

The surgeon said that the lump is gone along with the right half of Jason’s thyroid and that there were no malignant cells present – even the lump itself was benign; which is a relief considering they were pretty sure the lump was naughty mutated thyroid cells. Yesterday was a VERY long day for both of us, with people around all the time being supportive (please don’t think that statement means we didn’t appreciate it…) and getting up early and sitting in waiting rooms (or lying on operating tables). Not to mention sleeping in a hospital makes you feel more tired than you started out the night before, whether you’re in a bed or a recliner chair. And I had worship practice last night on top of everything else, and being the stubborn person I am – decided to go. And I’m pretty sure I was deliriously tired enough to annoy everyone else involved with sarcastic witty comments. At least I thought I was funny.

Anyway, all this to say that this part of our little medical roller coaster seems to be slowing down to an end, which we are very thankful for. Jason will be taking at least tomorrow off from work and possibly Friday depending on how he feels. The nurses were a little worried about him when he couldn’t manage to even keep water down, but now he seems to be doing alright. I’m sure once he’s lying on the couch and the hydrocodone kicks in, he’ll be feeling much better.

But I sure will miss the cable TV in the hospital room…