My first blog was called “Underwear Drawer.” No, not post – blog. And before you go searching for it, don’t bother, I’ve tried a long time to retrieve it and have had no success. (YOU try searching for underwear blogs. Trust me.)

Anyway. When I first started blogging way back in college, I wrote with reckless abandon. Some of my posts were serious, some were silly, some were just posts for posts’ sake. But then I had some nasty comments from some readers and I flew into a huff and deleted everything. I’ve tried, as I mentioned, to retrieve them, but to no avail.

But why Underwear Drawer? Well, it’s where you store some interesting stuff. Some of it’s boring everyday stuff. Some of it is exciting. Sometimes you make bad choices about what kind of underwear you put in your drawer. Some of it is uncomfortable and some of it is just plain odd and embarrassing. But where else are you going to put it? And that’s how I feel about my blog and what I put in here. Er, on here. It’s eclectic. And some of it is embarrassing (although I don’t normally post that much embarrassing info), and some is just everyday update stuff. Some of it I might regret later and apologize for and get rid of. And some of it is exciting. And sometimes, especially with me, is downright odd. But where else will I put it?