So we got the results back from my MRI last night. There are several (four or five) little spots on the left side of my brain. They are not very large, and according to the doctor, nothing like the spots on Jason’s brain which indicated MS. Since our next three weeks are already full of doctors appointments and surgeries and trips out of town, we are struggling to find a time to go see a neurologist for a final diagnosis. Our GP has told us he isn’t worried in the least, that it is most like a) an abnormality in my brain’s blood vessels, or b) scar tissue leftover from being on an artificial heart machine during my two open heart surgeries. I am not so much worried that it is something serious, I am simply tired of dealing with health issues. I know that God has a big huge (or maybe just little) plan for my husband and I and that there is a reason for all this craziness. I’m not struggling with anger at God or despair or anything like that…yet. But I am exhausted.

And today, we broke 90 degrees. It hit 92 or 93 F from what I heard. So obviously this was the very best day to cook a turkey for dinner.

We brined it last night:

We stuffed it this morning:

And cooked it this afternoon: