I have my gallbladder out tomorrow morning at 7:30. Yes, folks, that’s at least 2.5 hours before I normally wake up. And I have to be at the hospital at 6 am. It’ll be a long day for my husband so be praying for him. And for me, too, I guess. Although everyone and their mom keeps telling me what an easy surgery it is so I’m not really worried. The only concern is the chance for infection with my heart condition. So I will most likely be staying overnight. Yippee! Food Network here I come!

In other medical news, I had an Evoked Response EEG today. In other words, they are thinking I might have…wait for it…MS. How…ironic. Anyway. I saw the neurologist (different one from Jason) on Thursday and he says that he isn’t at all diagnosing me with MS, that the spots they found on my brain could be anything. They could be scars from being on a heart lung machine as an infant, or calcium deposits from being on medication most of my life. Or they could even just indicate migraines which I’m not actually feeling in my head but am feeling elsewhere. But he did say that it could be MS and he wanted to do the Evoked response tests just to check. If it does happen to be Multiple Sclerosis, then it would be such a mild case that I probably won’t be put on treatment for a very long time, if ever. There are no lasting side effects after my exacerbations so there isn’t really a lot of concern. It’d just be another condition to add to my ever-growing list. 🙂 We get the results back in three to four days, just in time for us to leave for Boise to see the Patricks and their new little one. We’re hoping I’ll be healed up enough to at least travel, although not well enough to go out partying every night like our last trips to the crazy capital of Idaho. Plus, Maysen isn’t old enough to have her “of age” ID yet so we’ll probably just take it easy anyhow.

Well, that’s all for now. Keep us in your prayers!