It’s wonderful how snuggly a little hydrocodone pill can make one feel. I’m home from the hospital with 13 staples in my stomach and less one gallbladder. I’ve been prescribed enough painkillers to knock out a buffalo, and there’s nothing better feeling than snuggling with a pain pill and a fluffly little kitten named Kiki (or Keykey depending on your mood). My surgery went fairly well, although they had a little bit of a tough time waking me up from anesthesia (or so I heard.) All I can remember is waking up gasping for air a few times in the recovery room and the nurse looking at me in a concerned manner. And a long, uncomfortable night in the surgery ward. My stomach is sore and I’m paranoid about ripping staples out, but I’ve been getting a lot of knitting done and lots of movies watched and lots of books read. Unfortunately, along with the swoony feeling of pain pills also comes a distinct lack of focus. I can’t seem to concentrate on a single project for more than 20 minutes tops. So little Jasper’s blanket is so close to being done that you can practically wrap it up and ship it, but I’m instead working on gifts for a baby shower I’m going to next Saturday. I’m very grateful that I am no longer hooked up to an IV and that I can go to the bathroom unaccompanied now.

Jason and I have rented a car and will be setting out tomorrow morning for Boise and the Patrick’s abode. I’m thoroughly excited to get caught up with one of my bestest friends in the entire world as well as get acquainted with her daughter. I’m just bummed i won’t be staple free for the visit. Hence, the rented car. That and we desperately need an air conditioned vehicle to travel in if it’s going to be for longer than 10 minutes. I will try and post some pictures of our jaunt when we get back. And hopefully, I will be able to focus long enough to finish Mr. Jasper’s binkie somewhere along the way to next Wednesday. Considering he’s due sometime in the next 2 weeks, he might be needing it.