Who wrote this book and when?
Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote this and published it in 1909.

Has there been a film version?
Yes, but it’s titled “Anne of Green Gables: the Sequel.” How creative.

Who are the important characters?
Anne Shirley – now a young lady of 16 and the teacher of Avonlea school
Marilla Cuthbert – the aging woman who owns Green Gables and is surrogate mother to Anne, Davy, and Dora
Davy – the son of Marilla’s late third cousin, he’s been adopted by her and is constantly getting into trouble
Dora – Davy’s twin sister, very reserved and well-behaved
Paul Irving – an American boy who is living with his grandmother on P.E.I., he is dreamy and imaginative like Anne and they become fast friends
Diana Barry – Anne’s best friend
Miss Lavendar Lewis – an old maid who lives in Echo Lodge and is one of Anne’s kindred spirits
Gilbert Blythe – Anne’s friend and the teacher of White Sands School
Mr. Harrison – the nearest neighbor of Green Gables, a man with odd ways and a profane parrot

What’s it about?
This story picks up where the first one in the series left off – with Anne now teaching at the Avonlea school. She still manages to find herself in many scrapes which test her patience and develop her character. Marilla has adopted a set of twins from a distant relative, so Anne must not only teach but also help raise two orphans. She has also made fast friends with Paul Irving, a dreamy boy who adores her and with Miss Lavendar Lewis – a middle aged woman with spark and a mysterious past of romance. Anne has also put away her grudge against Gilbert Blythe, and the two of them help form a society for the improvement of Avonlea, much to the annoyance of those citizens set in their ways.

Why is this book a classic/bestseller?
It’s part of one of the best children/young adult series ever written.

Do you recommend I read this book?
Yes. Exceedingly so.

How did this book make your list?
I love Anne Shirley.

Has it won any awards?

Favorite quotes:
“And I think the violets are little snips of the sky that fell down when the angels cut out holes for the stars to shine through. And the buttercups are made out of old sunshine; and I think the sweet peas will be butterflies when they go to heaven.” – p 218

Personal thoughts:
I don’t think I could ever pick a favorite book from this series. This novel, because it picks up right where the last left off, is just as enjoyable and beautiful as “Green Gables.” It’s hard to believe Anne is only 16 – she seems so much more mature than every other 16 year old I know. Not that this is surprising. But as mature as her roles may be – surrogate mother, school teacher, and leader of the improvement society – she is still the timeless Anne Shirley. Her “scrapes” are just as hilarious and embarrassing, her imagination still overflows in ways I can only dream of achieving, and her heart still pours out love for everyone and aspires for greatness. Davy and Dora and Paul all provide a portrait of parts of Anne from days gone by and allow a lovely opportunity for her to see herself.