My father and I have these interesting conversations every few weeks. He seems to think I need to find a job. Like a nine to five job or a part time job or a job for someone else than myself. Like a job that provides income. These conversations never go well. We never argue, but it’s fairly clear we’ll never see eye-to-eye unless something changes in either of our situations. Financially speaking, this little Meaden family doesn’t need me to get a job. We aren’t rolling in the dough, but we have enough to pay the bills and put a little bit away once a month. And if a big need comes up then God usually provides for us. Like a free car.


I find it a little insulting that my father doesn’t think I work enough. I’m pretty sure he would tell my mother the same thing if she didn’t work. And I’m sure most of you housewives would agree that just because someone doesn’t pay you doesn’t mean you don’t put in a lot of work during the day. For example…

Today I mucked out our computer room. It hasn’t been fully cleaned since we moved the bed out and the computer in. It’s also our laundry room and the epicenter of the hurricanes which are our cats so it needs regular cleaning. But since usually I only go in there to do laundry, fill a food or water dish or ask my husband something when he’s on the computer – it’s gotten a little hairy. Today that changed. All the old laundry was picked up, sorted, and is in the process of being washed, dried, folded, and put away. The catboxes were emptied, and much to the furries’ dismay, the entire room was vacuumed and the carpet was spot cleaned.

This happened in our bedroom too. And the upstairs bathroom and some necessary re-arranging/trading furniture happened downstairs as well. And a lot (I mean a lot) of vacuuming. Tomorrow I’m tackling the guest room.

This isn’t to say I do this everyday. But I try to make a point of cleaning up one room at least a day or making an attempt at finishing our neverending pile of laundry and junk mail shredding. The carpet cleaning is necessary because one of our cats considers the entire apartment her litterbox (although I try to pawn that off on my husband whenever possible, cat pee smell makes my head spin). Not to mention I do all the budgeting, lots of the bill paying, the menu planning, cooking, social calendar organization, and juggle the plethora of doctor visits we rack up between the two of us.

Overall…I stay pretty busy. Except when I’m bored. Or tired of working. Then I blog. Or read and then blog about it.

Who says I need a job?