Some friends and I were reminiscing yesterday about high school and the mayhem it was when it came to our youth group. Especially a certain pudding fight from 1999 or 98. Well, you find some funny things when you overhaul-clean your apartment…

One shot of the group ready to go:
The Other Line

And another:
The Line

Maddie and me waiting for the go sign.
Maddie and Dave waiting for the hi sign

Dave, Ben, Keith, and Upchurch ready to start:
Dave, Ben, Keith, Jason

And go!!!! (My brother looks so little!)
And go.

Some of us were a little squeamish…
Mmmm, butterscotch

,,,and some weren’t.
Face Plant

Pudding monster:
Ben got a little messy

I heard it’s good for the skin.
Justin's Mask

But since we were high schoolers
So did Keith

…it inevitably lead to mayhem.
Group Shot #1

And we all got messy.
Group Shot #2