girlWho wrote this book and when?
L.M. Montgomery published it in 1911.

Has there been a film version?
No, but it was the basis for the Disney series “Road to Avonlea.”

Who are the main characters?
Beverley King – the narrator, a boy visiting his King cousins on P.E.I
The Story Girl, Sara Stanley – one of the King cousins, a girl who isn’t quite pretty but has an amazing gift for telling stories
Felicity King – a King cousin, she is very beautiful, a great cook, and quite bossy
Peter Craig – the hired boy for Uncle Roger King and his sister Olivia
Felix King – Beverley’s brother, he’s on the chubby side
Dan King – the eldest of the King cousins, brother to Felicity and Cecily
Cecily King – a sweet hearted and kind girl who longs for curly hair like her sister, Felicity
Sara Ray – a girl from town whom the children spend time with, she has a very overprotective mother

What’s it about?
This is the story of the summer that Beverley and Felix King came to stay with their Prince Edward Island King cousins. There, they meet The Story Girl, also one of their relatives. She is entrancing because of her ability to make any story she tells come alive; whether it’s a romance or a horror story. Throughout the summer, the King children and their friends get into a variety of mishaps which include a run in with Peg Bowen the witch, a bout of the measles, and the end of the world.

Why is this book a classic/bestseller?
It’s one of L.M. Montgomery’s books, which are all fantastically popular due to the Anne of Green Gables series.

Do I recommend you read this book?
Yes, if you enjoy her writing.

How did this book make my list?
I want to read all the books that L.M. Montgomery has put out.

Has it won any awards?

Favorite quotes:
“It was a cool, dewy evening, and we walked down the long, red hill in the highest of spirits. Over a valley filled with beech and spruce was a sunset afterglow – creamy yellow and a hue that was not so much red as the dream of red, with a young moon swung low in it.” – p 79

“Felicity wormed the secret out of Peter by the employment of Delilah wiles, such as have been the undoing of many a miserable male creature since Samson’s day.” – p 175

“We had a beautiful day for our picnic. November dreamed that it was May. The air was soft and mellow, with pale, aerial mists in the valleys and over the leafless beeches on the western hill.” – p 245

Anything else?
I’ve heard it said that the Story Girl in this book is a representation of L.M. Montgomery during her childhood.

Personal thoughts:
I am somewhat disappointed in myself for watching the first two seasons of “Road to Avonlea” before reading this book, considering most of the stories in this book are covered at some point during those episodes. However, many of the stories had been altered to make them more “exciting” for television viewing – as opposed to just Sara telling a story to entertain her cousins. The characters of Beverley and Dan have been completely cut out, Felix has become a PEI King, the Story Girl is called pretty at every other turn, and Uncle Roger has been replaced by the straitlaced schoolmarm, Aunt Hetty King. I like both sets of characters equally – the book set and the television set. They’re simply different from each other. I suppose this book, second only to the first Anne book, is the one that makes me wish I lived on Prince Edward Island the most. Montgomery does a fantastic job of describing the island at all its moments of natural glory through either paragraphs told by Beverley or transports of delight by the Story Girl. Overall, this set of short stories is a lovely grouping to read to smaller children who may not be ready to tackle the full Anne series.