With how crazy the past few weekends have been, is it any surprise that this one is lining up to be just as filled with wacky fun? I have only been in town for one of the past four weekends and will be out of town next weekend as well in Boise for an art show with my dad. Last weekend, we went to Leavenworth (not the prison, the Bavarian village) for a fun day with our friends, the Browns, and emerged pooped but happy. And I bought some lovely alpaca yarn for an even lovelier price, part of which I have been making a scarf for myself from a pattern on knitty.com.

But my sister in law and her best friend are coming down this Saturday for the three day weekend and I am also supposed to wrangle my grandmother’s cat while my brother is gone hiking and my grandmother is gone to a Bible conference on the west side of the state. And there is much much much I need to do – miles to go before I sleep. Here’s hoping that posting will get me more motivated:

  1. Pick up the check from the bank for our new car’s title. (I will try and post pictures of Cordie the Accord at month’s end post).
  2. Finish putting away our camping supplies which have been utilized repeatedly this month. This job will include…
  3. Reorganizing the guest room closet to fit aforementioned camping supplies inside.
  4. Washing sheets and towels from guest room.
  5. Finish our laundry so I can wash those sheets and towels.
  6. Clean up floor of guest room after cat mayhem and vacuum.
  7. Clean guest room bathroom, including sweeping and mopping floor.
  8. Straighten living room and vacuum.
  9. Mop kitchen.
  10. Put away plethora of er…crap on the stairs and vacuum.
  11. Return library books which are threatening overdue fines…
  12. Write reviews of those books so they can be returned.

Fun times ahead for me. Fuuuuuuuun times.