queendamnedWho wrote this book and when?
Anne Rice published this in 1988.

Has there been a film version?
Yes, but it is very different from the book. But I like Jesse a lot better in the movie. And Stuart Townsend is pretty darn hot as Lestat. So much cooler than Tom Cruise.

Who are the important characters?
Lestat – a powerful vampire who has become a rockstar and has attracted the attention of the Vampire Queen Akasha
Akasha – the very first vampire, nearly invincible
Maharet – a very old vampire who takes care of her mortal family line
Marius – another old vampire who was responsible for the safekeeping of Akasha and the King Enkil
Jesse – a mortal girl from Maharet’s line, she can see ghosts and sometimes foretell the future
Armand – a vampire who was made as a teenage boy by Marius
Daniel – the reporter who wrote “Interview with the Vampire” now the consort of Armand
Mael – a Celtic vampire who is Maharet’s companion
Khayman – one of the First Brood, as old as Akasha, he used to be her servant when she was an Egyptian Queen
Pandora – a vampire who longs to be human, one of the true loves of Marius

What’s it about?
This is a continuation of the book “The Vampire Lestat.” It ended on a cliffhanger with Akasha having just awakened departed on a hunt for Lestat for her new lover. Marius is imprisoned in a glacier and is telepathically warning all the vampires worldwide and calling for help. The perspective of many vampires during the days before and after the concert are told, interwoven with dreams that they all are having about red haired twins who were brutally treated sometime in the past. Akasha begins killing all the vampires she doesn’t think will be loyal to her, as well as inciting women worldwide to kill 90% of the men. The eldest vampires begin to gather at Maharet’s compound in Sonoma to try and find a way to stop Akasha without getting themselves and Lestat killed.

Why is this book a classic/bestseller?
It’s part of a famous fantasy series – the Vampire Chronicles.

Do I recommend you read this book?
If you enjoyed the previous two books.

How did this book make my list?
I like this series.

Has it won any awards?

Favorite quotes:
“And to think that in this world of steel and gasoline, of roaring electronic symphonies and silent gleaming computer circuitry, we wander still.” – p 134

Anything else?
I guess this whole series revolves around Lestat. Which is okay, because I like him.

Personal thoughts:
In the beginning of this book, I seriously disliked the style of narration – with all the different contributors. But I was duly impressed with Rice’s ability to write in so many distinctive voices and stylings. Each vampire had his or her own way of talking about what happened, as well as their own take on what needed to be done concerning Akasha and Lestat. The story of the twins was a little maddening, as it was drawn out so long – about half the book before we were given an explanation (but it isn’t like we could figure out a little of what was going on). The story reached a satisfying conclusion and left me wanting the next book (easily fixed…)