Our month started off with a bang – called Meaden family vacation.
Mr. Nick

Flipped Off
Tubing with Four Tubes can get a little dangerous…

Tube Sandwich
A Tube Sandwich

Andrew's Contemplation
Andrew contemplating jumping the wake

Before You Bite It
And almost making it.

Evening Run
Out of focus…

Scott the uber-cool.

Last Run
Last run of the night

Dad's Birthday
We celebrated John and Sharebear’s birthday…

Kate's Apartment
…and moved Kate to Portland.

Man n Wife
Our friends, Mike and Elle got married…

First Dance

Boy Talk
We went and watched Andrew race the Subee

Amy Ready to Roll
Amy went on a run with Drew

Colleen Racer
And so did Colleen

My Favorite Car
And my favorite car 🙂

Jess's Baby Hat
And of course I did some knitting…a hat and baby blanket for my friend Jessica’s baby.

Dead Scarf
And a scarf that just didn’t work out, it’s about to be frogged…

Mossy Slippers
Some slippers in progress to keep my tootsies warm!

Baby Snowflake Hat
A sparkly snowflake princess hat for a baby that’ll go in the store soon

Alpaca Scarf
And a soft and squishy Alpaca scarf for me that will double as a shawl when it’s finished in a few days…