Well, we’ve officially made it through one year of marriage. One year and ten days if you’re one of those anal types. I’m not. I think. Anyway.

A lot of people give you a knowing look when you get married or when you are newly married and say “the first year is always the hardest…” and call you “hun,” “dearie,” or some other slightly condescending name which makes you feel awkward and forces you to smile and nod like you completely agree even though you’re aware they consider you inexperienced and desperately in need of help.

In this case, I’d just like to point out that all those people were right. Not that I have anything to base this off of, btw. In a 365 day, or four season, or fifty-two week, or approx 8,766 hour, or 525,950 minute span, we have dealt with my heart condition (relatively minor for once), MS, cancer, three different cars, two surgeries, one near death experience, financial issues, church issues, friend issues, family issues…not to mention getting used to living with someone.

But through it all, we’ve managed to avoid fighting in pretty much any way, shape, or form. You may not believe me, but it’s true. We like to say we got all our fighting out before we started dating and now that we know the extent that our disagreements can run to – we do our best to avoid them. For the most part, we are quick to apologize and patient with each other (the part that keeps it from always happening is my stubbornness…) After all, there’s nothing like debilitating disease to make you realize just how much you love someone, right?

Many of you have asked what we did for our anniversary, and there was a surprising amount of interest from J’s coworkers which was…odd. We celebrated it in our own way, just as our wedding was celebrated in our own way. We skipped church and slept in, then spent most of the day with either me playing Final Fantasy 12, or J playing Metroid. Then we got all fancied up and went out to dinner at Anthony’s and ate ourselves sick. And returned to more video games and movies. Like I said…our own way. But exactly the way we wanted to.

And now we’re back to “real life.” J is working swing shift this week for year-end processing, which has thrown our schedule off a little. We spent entirely too much money having fun this past weekend and has forced me to get a little creative with dinners this week (omelettes and frozen pizza!) And I have caught a nasty cold which has rendered me closer to bigfoot than I care to admit, stomping around in a disoriented manner while growling and sniffing and coughing. I spent most of yesterday watching the “Gilmore Girls” season one discs that my lovely wonderful friend, Daja, let me borrow. This cold doesn’t help my heart’s annual transition to colder weather in that jump between 80 degrees to 60. Which appears to be happening twice this year. Oh, global warming, you minx. But I suppose the extra rest will do me good. We’re enjoying this little respite of “real life” before we pick up the insanity again in October with concerts and weddings and Halloween parties. And pumpkin. I can’t convey to you how excited I am to make some pumpkiny desserts.

So there’s an update on our non-fairytale marriage which to be brutally honest, I never expected to have. My husband and I are hard core realists. I’ll see you in about a week or so with the September update.