Oh man am I tired. But things need to get done this week so here’s hoping…

  1. Drop off rent check by Thursday
  2. Finish MOUNTAIN of laundry, meaning I have to determine which laundry baskets are dirty and which are clean
  3. Dust in kitchen and mop kitchen floor
  4. Clean out the fridge of all September food remnants (bleh!)
  5. Empty those ever smellin catboxes
  6. vacuum loft/bathroom
  7. vacuum living room
  8. write a ton of backed up book reviews. you don’t want to know how many, actually i can’t tell you how many…
  9. read 300 pages of Anna Karenina so I don’t get late fees trying to finish it
  10. Return to house of the parents and finish printing out our wedding pictures
  11. Return to house of the parents and let them pick out which wedding pictures they want, namely my mother.
  12. get that durn shop up and runnin
  13. sweep and mop upstairs bathroom
  14. sweep and mop downstairs bathroom

Mmmfhgjwfjkf…i want my bed.