Fall is finally here in our hometown! Where other hometowns may have experienced cooler temperatures and changing leaves sometime in September, we here in Eastern Washington have to wait until the last week of September to gain relief from 90 degree weather and sunshine. But it all falls down with a bang around here – like a co-ed waking up in a classroom realizing they just missed everyone else leaving. All of a sudden we hop from 88 degrees to 68 degrees with a rare view into the 70’s on the off day. But the irritating sunny weather didn’t keep us from enjoying our September here in the Meaden household, I promise.

My sister-in-law and her best friend came to visit for the first weekend of September, and I kind of cheated and posted the pictures of the racing hijinks in my August update. The following weekend, I went to Boise to visit our friends the Patricks and to help my father with an art show.
Here’s my dad’s booth:

I also experienced a deep fried snickers bar while Jason had a root canal back home:

We celebrated my sister’s eighteenth birthday and the advent of my parent’s graduation into the category of “parents of adult children only.”

Then for our one year anniversary, we spent a lot of time doing this:

And then, stereotypically but still nice, we went out for a fancy dinner.

During the 21st through the 24th, we went to Vancouver for J’s grandma’s birthday and to see some friends and my sister in Portland. We didn’t take any pictures…sorry.
And of course, the knitting that happened:
My autumn scarf/shawl was finished:
Autumn Scarf

Some dishrags:

A winter scarf either for a gift or for the shop:
Winter Scarf

And finally, a brightly colored scarf which I made mostly because I liked the pattern and the colors, who knows what’ll happen to it:
Crayola Scarf

And a kitty toy for Kiki and April – an owl stuffed with cotton balls and catnip. I would provide a better picture, but they’ve already roughed it up too much.
Poor Errol