thursdayWho wrote this book and when?
Jasper Fforde published this in July of 2007.

Has there been a film version?
No. I think if Hollywood got their tenterhooks in this, they’d ruin it.

Who are the important characters?
Thursday Next – a carpet installing, cheese smuggling, Jurisfiction agent, undead-fighting, mother of three
Thursday5 – a Bookworld version of Thursday, a soft hearted hippy who despises violence, she’s from the fifth Thursday Next book
Thursday1-4 – another Bookworld version of Thursday, a badass philandering woman who always carries two guns and a bad attitude, she’s the version of Thursday from the first four Thursday books
Landon Parker-Laine – Thursday’s husband, a struggling author
Friday Next – Landon and Thursday’s oldest boy, he’s supposed to be involved in time travel already but shows no interest
Spike Stoker – one of Thursday’s friends and coworkers, he specializes in the undead
Commander Bradshaw – the head of Jurisfiction, also known as the Bellman

What’s it about?
Thursday has her hands full raising three kids. But she also has the added stress of being a Jurisfiction agent behind her husband’s back, training another incompetent apprentice who is annoyingly – herself. And now Goliath Corporation is back in the picture, planning on taking tours through classic novels from the Outworld and the nation is trying to get rid of the stupidity surplus by pillaging Jane Austen’s work and making it into a reality television show. Not to mention time itself will end if Thursday can’t convince her son to join the Chronoguard in five days – while he shows interest in nothing but horrible rock music. Then there’s the mysterious appearances of her dead uncle, the reappearance of the assassin Felix8, and her cheese smuggling operation. An agent’s work is never done.

Why is this book a classic/bestseller?
It’s by Jasper Fforde, one of the finest literary authors in Britain today. But not literary like you’re thinking. You’ll just have to read the books to know what I mean.

Do you recommend I read this book?
Yes, but if you haven’t read the previous books in the series, you’ll be quite lost.

How did this book make my list?
It came out. I love this author’s works.

Has it won any awards?
I don’t think it’s been out long enough.

Favorite quotes:
“‘Does your mother know about this?’ I asked, fully aware of the power that the Dowager Empress Zharkina IV wielded in his books. Emperor Zhark might have been the embodiment of terror across innumerable star systems, but he lived with his mum – and if the rumors were correct, she still insisted on bathing him.” – p 215

Anything else?
This is the first book in the second series of Thursday Next. There will be four in all, making eight in total.

Personal thoughts:
This book was a little slow in starting – I didn’t know where the main plot was going to pop up. And so much was going on a lot of the time that I found it a tad hard to keep up. But this is to be expected considering this is technically the beginning of another series. It’s introducing plot lines that will be followed through the next four books. I always feel a little insecure about my reading skills after finishing a Fforde book. He turns your brain to thinking ways you never thought it could contort into – especially with his different versions of time, his different Bookworld settings, and characters who are the same person but a different version. Trust me, it’s worth a nice long sit down and read.