I’ve started on Christmas presents!  Some lucky friends and relations are getting some hand-knitted gifts this year and as of yesterday, I put down the sock yarn (begrudgingly, I’ll admit) and picked up the gift yarns.  I’m not posting pictures since some of them read my blog, but you can be assured that much knitting is happening.  I also have another baby shower coming up and a wedding.  Knitted lingerie anyone?  Just kidding, Meg.

Also, has anyone else living in Richland noticed the water has taken on a funny/nasty dirty and mold smell and taste?  It’s not just our apartments, because Jason mentioned it’s the same way out at work.  He wondered if we should complain, but since it’s citywide, I’m not sure who we’d complain to.  So I’m complaining to the unnamed internetiverse.  Cheers!