This has become somewhat of a tradition with me the past few years – stemming from a very angry, bitter, and ranty year during college. This year, it’s a few days late. We’re up at my in-laws for Thanksgiving this year and my little Powerbook was left at home to guard our cats, due to a minor incident involving a crash to the floor and a dented power cable which rendered it homebound. But now I’m lounging at my sister-in-law’s place of employment and taking advantage of their free internet and her cute little MacBook. I’m feeling all trendy. So without further blabbage…

My Truly Thankful list.
I am really, honestly thankful for:
-knitting, it makes me feel like watching the first six seasons of the Gilmore Girls in the past month has been fruitful because I have new socks and Christmas gifts aplenty
– British accents
– new glasses that are Coach! (the only Coach thing I will ever own)
– my Bible study girls who have been immeasureably supportive the past year
– new shirts from Old Navy
– rain
– not being interested in politics whatsoever, thus having one less thing to get really worked up about.
– fleece
– being finished with my dad’s website (until he finds new pictures to put up)
– lentils
– quiet corners to read in
– tealights
– candle melters (originally mug warmers but have since found a much trendier niche)
– my brothers-in-law, who are almost as good as my real brother
– my real brother, who is pretty much one of the coolest people I’ve ever known and makes me cooler just when I am seen with him.
– my sister – see above.
– Totoro
– Island Oasis smoothies with white chocolate powder blended in, bringing back memories of my first real job
– Christmas lights popping up
– cranberry sauce
– my husband having beat Metroid
– that my aunt made a turducken for Thanksgiving, so I can say I actually know someone who has made one
– you, reader.

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend and I wish you all the best as the Christmas season is off and running.