Since much is going on in this area as of late, I felt maybe I should update the lot of you on it.  We aren’t sending out a formal Christmas letter this year, so a lot of health questions concerning us might be left a little on the … ahem…unanswered side.  So here’s what’s up as of now.

Jason has his yearly asleep/awake evoked response test today at 1:30 and an MRI at 4:30.  I won’t really go into all the details of what these tests entail, but they serve to measure to what extent, if any, the physical damage to his brain has increased.  We’re hoping for a big fat none, obviously.  We get the results of the test back next Monday, and if there’s anything relevant, either he or I will fill you in on it.

The day after Jason gets his results, next  Tuesday, I go in for the same evoked response test.  I’m not exaaaaactly sure why we’re doing this again, but my neurologist (not the same as Jason’s) ordered it so I just do what he says.  After all, we have superb health insurance.  And if the results are similar to last time, then off I go to an MS specialist to get their take on the matter.  We’re not too worried since my symptoms are nothing compared to Jason’s.  I have no lasting effects from my attacks, so far, which is a big blessing.  I’m assuming my doctor’s office will call me to set up an appointment to hear results, but I wouldn’t expect anything until January or February on it.  Last time, it took them almost six weeks to get back to me on the results.
Also, this Wednesday, the 12th, I go in to see my cardiologist.  This is a fairly big appointment – the one where we talk about whether I will need open heart surgery in the next five years or whether or not we will have to buy babies or if we can produce them naturally.  At this point, I’m expecting to be told we’re going to have to adopt – which seems daunting and frustrating, since a lot of our friends (like…80%) are either already parents or are expecting and Jason and I really want to be parents.  I’m a little nervous, obviously, since this appointment might address some potentially-life altering issues.  But that kind of seems the norm in our little household.

There’s the next two weeks, medically, lined up for us – barring any trips to the emergency room, which is never off the table here.  We would love for you to pray for us, we’re optimistic…but let’s just say we’ve watched too many Joss Whedon shows to think that everything will be 100% good news.  And I promise, to offset all this serious stuff, I’ll upload some pictures of our Christmas weekend later today while Jason is zonked out on the couch.