Thea tagged me, so here’s the popular book meme courtesy of … well … me.

1. Whatcha reading?

I am reading “Red Harvest” by Dashiell Hammett and “The Beach” by Alex Garland.

2. How much of it have you read so far?

I am only one chapter into “The Beach” but am 60 ish pages into “Red Harvest.”

3. What’s it about? (in a nutshell! A sentence or two is enough.)

Harvest is about a private detective who takes on an entire town rife with moral depravity from top to bottom with the intention of cleaning it out.
4. What does the title refer to?

I do not know yet. I am thinking, perhaps, that it will have some amount of bloodshed since the majority of the characters are villains and dirty characters who will hopefully get their come-uppance. Hence the red (bloody) harvest.

5. Would you recommend it?

So far, a yes. I love Hammett’s writing and would recommend anything he has written.

I’m tagging my husband at That One Guy, Beck at Frog and Toad, and Diana at Go Fish Men.