Normally, this time of year is wonderful. Everything is peaceful a bit still from Christmas and New Years’ and you have lots of new toys to play with. And for the most part, the general mass of humanity has just enough Christmas spirit to still act decent for a few more days.

This year is much much different. I am exhausted and feel a little bit like I’m not sure how I got from wherever I was before to wherever I am now. This might have a bit to do with all the doctor’s appointments and emotional ups and downs which came with those, added to the ingrained emotions of the holidays, plus fighting an annoying cold. It’s not a full fledged cold to do battle with easily, but one of those nerdy, hanging in the shadows colds which just kind of creeps you out.

Christmas itself was lovely, as usual. We spent this year at my parents’ house. It was the first time in a year that all of us kids and parents had been there at once for more than an hour or two. Kate came up from Portland and Andrew took some time off from his job and his new girlfriend to spend the night. We spent the night as well, and although it was nice to be there Christmas morning, I expect we aren’t going to do it again. We took our time getting to presents in the morning, which drove Kate nuts. Part of this was due to Andrew’s introduction to “Rock Band” and him, Jason, Colleen, and I (or sometimes my mom) rocking out on my parent’s surround sound system and HD tv. But once we got to the presents, it was just like normal old Christmas. I played “Santa” as my dad copped out after stockings to take pictures. We should have photos up soon…hopefully. Who knows.

Jason went back to work the day after Christmas, and last Saturday we took the trek up to Spanaway for a very Meadeny Christmas with his parents. Sunday was the official Christmas day, and also the day I introduced them to the game PIT. Much screaming and wrestling for cards ensued. Also, much oohing and aahing over gifts. Monday, we went to the Point Defiance Zoo for Zoo Lights, and although the elephants were asleep, it was still pretty. And packed. Not surprising considering it was the first night not to rain in 2 weeks. And we spent the rest of New Years’ Eve with some 20-something friends, playing Wii, eating junk food, and playing Nertz. Again, pictures hopefully to follow. And…yesterday, we spent the morning relaxing, then drove home and made a mess of our apartment by dragging everything in and dumping it on the ground and collapsing in front of our computer and television.

Now, this morning, I am slowly getting the Christmas decorations rounded up and packed away for another year. My dad came and dropped off a bookshelf (a Christmas gift, and our sixth bookshelf!) and picked up the skeleton of our Christmas tree, leaving a path of needle entrails to be vacuumed up. I’m very grateful that my parents are feeding us tonight, since I am not nearly done cleaning up in the least. And if I finish everything I’ve set out to do today…I most definitely won’t feel like cooking anything.

Finally, our doctors’ appointments are over for a few months. Next week starts the rounds with the dentist and the frantic scraping up of cash to cover fillings and crowns and other things we’ve put off until this year and will probably put off again. As for December’s appointments, they brought an entire spectrum of news.

At the worst end, my neurologist has diagnosed me with mini-seizures, thus explaining the loss of sensation on my right side, occasional dizzy spells and seeing of stars, and my close calls with panic attacks. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been by far – no medication yet but if things get any worse then I might be put on some anti-seizure pills. Jason’s MRI came back with only two new lesions, neither of them contrast lesions. This means his Rebif injections are working and is nearly the best news he could get at a one year appointment. However, at the greatest news end of the spectrum, my cardiologist has scheduled me for some tests, which, should they come back with no bad news (and there is no indication they will), will allow me to go ahead and plan on having at least one child the way God originally designed. Which is very exciting news in this household. There isn’t much news other than…we’re going to do the tests first and there are several other hoops I have to jump through, such as changing my medications to non-baby-killing kind and other things – but overall good news.

Except that now I’m out of things to fill you in on, and therefore must resort back to cleaning up. I hope you had a lovely holiday, reader, and I wish you all the best for this new year.