7. Mr. Bean’s Holiday

Tagline: Disaster has a passport. (Alt: “Disaster is a small step away”)
Directed by: Steve Bendelack
Written by: Simon McBurney, Hamish McColl, Robin Driscoll
Starring: Rowan Atkinson, Max Baldry, Emma de Caunes, and Willem Defoe
Music by: Howard Goodall
Released: August 24
Rated: G
Awards: None
Synopsis: Mr. Bean wins a trip to the beach at Cannes, France and sets off in his usual quirky style, armed with a digital video camera. Along the way, he inadvertently separates a son from his father, and the father happens to be someone famous. Now, accused of kidnapping, stripped of his passport and money, Mr. Bean must find a way to reunite the son and his father and make his way to Cannes to enjoy the rest of his holiday.

Why it made my top ten: I am a huge fan of Mr. Bean anything, and this is the best Mr. Bean show/movie I’ve seen as of yet. All the quirky awkwardness and play between good and bad luck is polished to perfection in this film. The side characters are wonderfully constructed, despite the fact they speak in mostly French and require subtitles. Mr. Bean is truly in his (uncomfortable) element in traveling to a country where he can’t understand a word they’re saying other than “yes” or “no.” The countryside of France is beautifully shown, along with many sides of the country you wouldn’t normally be privy to. Plus, you get a bit of an inside look at the Cannes film festival…and even more inspiring…Mr. Bean’s mind.

Favorite scenes
: Mr. Bean getting coffee on the train, the scene at the French restaurant, and the deleted scene of Mr. Bean stealing someone else’s ticket.

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