The past few days have seen me rarely moving from a sitting/lying position while swathed in blankets and being grumpily “not feeling well” but not sick. It’s been so bad that I have spent more time in pajamas than in “real clothes” and have even considered taking pajamas to change into while hanging out with friends after going to Olive Garden (since plaid flannel pants probably wouldn’t be appreciated there), dinner at my parents house, and even to the movie theater. And I know that while posts such as these don’t do much in ways of entertainment, they do, however, give me some sense of obligation to complete whatever I say I’m going to do. To start with, here’s our dinner menu this week ( to keep me from wimping out and letting my husband take me to Taco Bell. again.)

Monday – Eggs and Sausage Stack

Tuesday – Artichoke and Tomato Vegetarian Pizza and Caesar salad

Wednesday – Sweet and Sour Baked Chicken with Green beans, salad, and cheese garlic biscuits

Thursday – Tater Tot Casserole and any leftover salad we may have (I’m pretty sure I overbought salad materials at the store today)

Friday – no cooking! Jason’s birthday and a dinner out. Well, I have to make molten lava cake, if that counts.

Also this week, I’d like to somehow complete most of the following:

  1. Deep clean the kitchen; this includes disinfecting the counters, cleaning the oven, cleaning the fridge, and mopping the floor
    1. yeah, like all this is going to happen
  2. Vacuum the guest room and loft
    1. after I clean up the April pee stain by the washing machine
  3. Go through and organize my yarn stash
    1. I’m really just looking for more sock yarn
  4. Finish at least one pair of socks for me and Jason’s other gargantuan sock
    1. so I can use the newly discovered, pretty, long lost sock yarn from my organized stash
  5. Move the dresser in our bedroom
    1. because I can
  6. Wash the guest room sheets and put flannel ones on bed
    1. since we never have guests anyway
    2. since the summer sheets are still on and it’s mid-January
    3. since I have the perfect quilt for the guest room and it’s been sitting on the couch in the living room since Christmas
  7. Do the February budget
    1. one chore I don’t really mind doing, eerily enough
    2. since the 15th is creeping up on me and I like to have it done by then
    3. because I am anal.
  8. Finish the laundry and put it away
    1. Is this even possible to accomplish?


    Well, my plan is already shot up beyond belief. Due to a communication mixup with our insurance company, I’m off one of my heart meds for a few days, which means…three of the four meals planned for this week are now off limits until I’m back on the pills. *shrug* At least I won’t have to go shopping next week for groceries.