Winter is picking up around here. Normal winter for us hovers between snow dusting around like powdered sugar to freezing rain icing the streets to wind screaming through the trees. The days loll about in the fifties while the nights plunge into the twenties. Harrumph. So, as many people seem to be doing in the blogosphere as of late, I am combating (I don’t think I spelled that right) this grumpy weather and my own grumpy mood with a few highlights coming up.

Jason’s birthday is this weekend and we are spending most of the week celebrating in some way or another. Pizza tomorrow night (that scrumptious vegetarian pizza from last week) and molten chocolate lava cakes on Friday. A movie last night and a movie next Saturday, and possibly some in between. Hey, he likes his movies. And a chance to completely spoil him rotten, one of my favorite activities.

A plethora of sock yarn to be delivered to me this week all the way from Florida! Having now admitted my addiction to knitting socks on eensy weensy needles (although I still avoid any semblance of a pattern, I stick to straight stockinette stitch, baby) I have thrown open the doors to sock yarn. I fell in love with a bamboo/nylon/merino wool blend from Pagewood Farms and furiously knitted through most of the skein in a week. It’s so popular, that unless I find a way to infiltrate the infamous “Sock Ladies” who are 40 and older that frequent my favorite yarn store here in town, I am only able to order it online. I am not making that group up. They buy the yarn before the box arrives, since they have an in with the proprieter. Sneaky cheaters. So I resorted to ordering it online and promptly bought 900 yards in two different colors which are supposed to arrive around Friday. Also, the day Jason receives his Amazon order from Christmas. Also, his birthday.

My mother and I are planning a grand trip down to Georgia in the early spring to visit my aunt and cousins. I haven’t been there since eighth grade but am looking forward to some good southern barbecue. We’re also driving up to North Carolina, which I have been aching to see, and trying to get tickets to a Paula Deen cooking show. Yippee!

Finally, this Saturday we are going to see the local children’s theater production of “Pride & Prejudice.” I have become somewhat of a Jane Austen junkie during the past year, snatching up any book that is a continuation of any Jane Austen novel and holding repeated viewings of the various versions of her stories in DVD format. So I am quite excited. Plus, I think our pastor’s son will be in the cast somewhere and that little man can ACT.

So take that winter. I may be fighting your little minion, the common cold, and my fingernails may be blue from my battle to lower our heating bill, but I’ll be darned if you’re going to get the best of me.