The last week has been a bit … well ….odd. It started with some miscommunication between us and our prescription company, which resulted in me being heart medication-free for seven days. It wasn’t an experience I’d really like to go through again. Not that anything major happened, I was just moody as a PMS-er plus paranoid about doing much more than lazing about the house. We managed to get a few emergency pills, and the late arriving package of prescriptions arrived on Monday, so now my chemical levels are back where they’ve been (mostly) for the past six years. And a sigh of huge relief issues from my husband.

We also got an enormous storm in this area, which broke several records. We’ve been having horrendously low temperatures (5 degrees anyone) for around here for the past two weeks, and coupled with a gigantic storm system, resulted in freezing rain last Saturday night which cemented into a 1/2 to 3/4 inch of ice plating on everything. Directly afterwards, the storm dumped 7 to 8 inches of snow on top of us. Our church services were cancelled on Sunday, and we were mostly home-bound until Monday night when we ventured out to Applebees’ for dinner in order to fend off going stir crazy.

Finally, we got a call Friday concerning a huge opportunity for us. Although we’ve been moving slowly forwards in preparation for me to be able to get pregnant, some remote family members contacted us about adopting a little boy from California. We have, since the beginning of our serious relationship, felt that we were supposed to adopt and that God would provide a child for us in His timing and circumstances. And we’re going to move forward even though it is by no means a sure thing and could take upwards of a year to finally happen. While our present circumstances aren’t what we would consider to ideal to adopt in (me going to Georgia in two months, us moving in four, a few debts left to pay off and our desire to buy a house) we know that a) our timing is vastly inferior to God’s, and b) a lot can happen in the course of a day, much less the time it would take for an adoption to go through. Whatever happens, we’re still dedicated to doing what God wants, even if that means not getting to adopt this little boy but still getting approved for adoption in general and being familiarized with the process. We don’t know much at this point, just that the process has been started and that we are going to be subject to multiple background checks. With Jason’s government clearance having gone through, we aren’t very worried. There are also possibly two other parties interested in adopting this child, and we are aware of them and have spoken with one of them. Beyond his name and age, and a few pictures, we don’t know much else. We covet your prayers, as this is a big decision which will irreversibly change our day to day lives, but we have faith that we’re doing what God wants. If you have any questions about specific things to pray for, feel free to ask in the comments or email me, but like I said, so far we don’t know much.