Jason called the CA social worker yesterday to check up on the adoption proceedings. Since I’m going to Georgia in April, we’re trying to stay as up-to-date on what’s going on in that area as possible (not that it’d be any different if I was staying here for the next however how long). As I mentioned in the last post, the little boy’s aunt is also trying to adopt him. She has had a few issues in the past and while she has completely turned her life around and is wonderful shape now, there is still a strong chance she will not be able to pass the adoption background check.

As much as Jason and I would love to adopt this little boy, we know how desperately his aunt wants him as well and to be honest, we are supportive of the concept of her adopting him. We know God’s in control, and either way, the baby is going to go to a loving Christian home and that is a good thing no matter where he goes. Anyway. The social worker let us know that they are currently in the process of doing the aunt’s background check and they will most likely have reached a decision concerning whether or not she’s eligible (and therefore whether or not we have a chance) by around the first week of March-ish. The aunt gets first run because she is a closer blood relative, while we are relatives with no blood relation. So we plan on calling back then if we haven’t heard anything, although the social worker promised to call us if they decide to allow him to be adopted by his aunt. So for the next two weeks, we would love for you to pray for us that we’d be content with God’s will, no matter what, as would his aunt. And also that the baby would be protected in his foster home and for his general health and well-being. Thanks!