redwallWho wrote this book and when?
Brian Jacques published this in 1986.

Has there been a film version?
No, but I’ve heard tell of a television series.

Who are the important characters?
Matthias – a young mouse of Redwall Abbey with a courageous heart
Cluny the Scourge – a fearsome rat who has determined to take Redwall for his own fortress
Constance – a badger who fights with Redwall
Brother Methuselah – the oldest mouse anyone knows, he speaks many languages and is well-versed in history
Sam Squirrel – a baby squirrel who doesn’t speak and sucks his paws all the time
Basil Stag Hare – a hare who fancies himself a stag, knowledgeable in the art of battle and espionage
Warhawk – a young sparrow princess
Cornflower Fieldmouse – a pretty young fieldmouse who is working in the Abbey
Sela and Chickenhound the foxes – an elderly vixen and her son who are healers and scoundrels
Asmodeus – a viper

What’s it about?
Redwall Abbey has lived in peace for many years, enjoying good food, friendship, and many tales about the famous Martin the Mouse Warrior of old. Matthias is a mouse who just doesn’t seem to be content with the peaceful lifestyle and dreams of battles like Martin fought in. When Cluny the Scourge, a terrible water rat, comes with his army and tries to invade Redwall, Matthias takes it upon himself to find the fabled sword of Martin and help defeat Cluny once and for all.

Why is this book a classic/bestseller?
It’s famous in the fantasy world and has been translated into several languages.

Do I recommend you read this book?
Yes, if you enjoy fantasy.

How did this book make my list?
It was huge when I was in middle school, so I picked it up, having never read it.

Has it won any awards?
The Lancashire Libraries Children’s Book of the Year, the Australian Young Readers’ Award, and was nominated for a Carnegie Medal.

Personal thoughts:
I’ve started this book a few times and never been able to get going very far. This time I forged on ahead until I was thoroughly hooked. I had to put aside trying to figure out how everything worked and just focus on the story. (It was the dimensions of everything throwing me off). I found all the characters to be perfectly charming, especially the moles. And the story contrast between Cluny vs the Abbey, and Matthias trying to find the sword brought to mind a mix between Mouse Guard and National Treasure. I was never sure what the rules for this universe were, so I could never guess what was going to happen next – a quality I thoroughly detest and enjoy simultaneously.