size12Who wrote this book and when?
Meg Cabot published this in 2006.

Has there been a film version?

Who are the important characters?
Heather Wells – a former teen pop star now reduced to working as the assistant director in a residence hall of New York College
Cooper Cartwright – Heather’s landlord and friend, a private detective who is gorgeously handsome
Jordan Cartwright – Heather’s former boyfriend, an enormous pop star, Cooper’s brother
Rachel Walcott – the Resident Director of the hall Heather works in
Magda – one of the cafeteria workers at NYC, Heather’s friend
The Allingtons – the President of NYC, his wife (an alcoholic), and their casanova son, Christopher
What’s it about?
Heather Wells is still adjusting to her new life as an assistant resident director. She’s fallen from the position of teen pop sensation and mega star since her label dropped her for insisting she get to sing her own songs; then her mother ran off with her money and started a cattle ranch in Argentina and Heather walked in on her boyfriend cheating on her with her biggest rival. Still trying to avoid being recognized, Heather also struggles with her weight and her ex-boyfriend, the famous Jordan Cartwright. Not to mention she is madly in love with Jordan’s brother and her landlord, Cooper. But Heather’s attention is drawn elsewhere when female students begin to die mysteriously in her own building. As the body count rises, Heather decides her new calling is as a detective herself, which puts her in a much more dangerous position than on stage – in the attentions of a serial killer.

Why is this book a classic/bestseller?
It’s by Meg Cabot, who is an exceedingly popular chick lit writer.

Do I recommend you read this book?
For chick lit, this was a surprisingly clean book – very little sex and what was there wasn’t described in disgusting detail as most books in this genre choose to use. So yes, I guess, I would recommend it.

How did this book make my list?
I always try and pick up something that’s light reading when I pick up something heavy like a biography on George Washington or Russian literature or something similar.

Has it won any awards?

Favorite quotes:
“Except that I’ve already been to the college gym, and it’s scary. There are all these really skinny girls in there, flinging their sticklike arms around in aerobics classes and yoga and stuff. Seriously, one of these days, one of them is going to put someone’s eye out.” – p 25
“What about girls like me, who are just…well, nice? What about the nice girls? How are we supposed to compete with all of these competent, athletic, shower-taking girls, with their diplomas and their Palm Pilots and their teeny tiny butts?” – p 133

Anything else?
Meg Cabot also wrote the Princess Diaries series.

Personal thoughts:
Every once in a while, I just need a good dose of blatantly purposeless literature – which is what most chicklit is. This book fits the bill without putting me in the awkward position of skipping over sex scenes laid out in minute detail, and being bored by the constant back and forth of which guy to sleep with next. This book is a little different. Yes, the main character starts out as overweight, but she also finishes as overweight. No miracle shrinkage here. And she has just enough sass and naievete for her to be adorable. The mystery itself wasn’t that interesting to me, simply because I thought it was inane that the police didn’t take it seriously in the first place and that Heather was left as the only one believing the girls didn’t kill themselves in acts of stupidity. Overall, this was a good break and pretty decent chickie literature. Next time I want another mind-break, I know where to go.