Jason called to check in with the CA social worker this morning on baby C to see how things were going.  They still have not made a decision on whether or not his biological aunt is eligible to adopt him, but Jason said the social worker was excited he called.  Baby C has his two month fixed court date on March 25, and at that point if his aunt has still not been cleared for adoption, the social worker is going to request that the paperwork be started for an interstate adoption (our paperwork).  We are tentatively excited but trying not to get our hopes up too much since there’s still a big possibility we won’t be able to adopt him and he will go to his aunt.  Prayers are appreciated, as always.

In the housing hunt, things are also progressing.  We got our first round of listings from our agent last Friday and are emailing him back with the ones we’d like to go look at.  Right now, we’re hopeful that this process won’t be too drawn out and things will continue to go smoothly.  Thanks for all your support, friends and readers – we’ll keep you updated.