Well…hm. In the past week things have gone from okay-coasting-along-alright to “uh…wait. What’s going on?”
We’re putting in an offer on a house next week. Not sure which house, as we’re debating between two – each with their pros and cons (as most things have). House A is closer to work and Winco.  House B is closer to my parents and our friends.  House A is smaller and cheaper.  House B is more expensive but with a floor plan we love.  House A is wired for internet (which we don’t need seeing as we are 95% wireless) and has lovely hardwood flooring hidden under the (new) carpet and is freshly painted.  House B is a newer house but desperately needs new carpet and an interior paint job.  House A is in a somewhat decent but a bit iffy neighborhood.  House B is in a newer development.  They both come with the exact same appliances – while House B has newer ones, of course.  House A has a big yard (a negative for us) but yard service for a year.  House B has a miniscule yard.  House A has a very involved current owner who will want to check up on the house from time to time.  House B’s current owners used to rent it out and just want to get rid of it.  Such a conundrum.  We have until Wednesday night to decide as Thursday we need to get together with our mortgage broker to get paperwork all straightened out to make an offer before I head down South.

On the adoption front, things are looking quite grim. While Baby C’s aunt was not approved for adoption, supposedly putting us at the top of the list, her paperwork took so long that the powers that be in the California Social Services System are strongly considering placing the baby permanently with the foster family he’s currently with. Which I can understand since they were originally told they would be able to adopt him. Still, a bit on the devastating side for us. The formal request that our paperwork (interstate paperwork) be started happens tomorrow, and the court and PTB (powers-that-be) decide for or against us on April 14, conveniently the day I return from GA. So no stress there at all. Nope. None.

To further add to the mayhem, this morning I received two calls from my cardiologist’s office in Spokane as well as a call from my cardiologist himself. Apparently…they are not happy with my holter monitor results. A few weeks ago, I felt a few odd off rhythms going on in my heart-el region so I notified them and scheduled an appointment with Dr. G. After reviewing the results, they determined several things. Or at least told me several things. 1. My heart is beating too slow (which is new…usually it’s too fast…ironic). 2. I have some Rapid Heart Rate going on at times. 3. I have some random heart beats happening during my normal rhythm…which I thought everyone did but I guess not to the extent I’ve been having. Silly me. So I am seeing Dr. G on Wednesday and for the first time in my life I am a bit nervous about this appointment. Mostly because my cardiologist called me personally, which rarely happens, because he was worried. He also told me to put all the plans for pregnancy prep on hold…not that there were very many going on considering the adoption, but still…it does not bode well for our local heroine.

Things should get mostly cleared up by the end of the week in all but the adoption but still the stress of it all is kind of getting to me a bit. For someone who doesn’t really stress out…I am feeling it. All I want is a nap, or to sit in front of the television watching a Jane Austen movie and eating pears and baby carrots. But laundry still needs to get done, dinner still needs to get made, and my mother-in-law is still coming this week.