I apologize for the lack of any real posts for the past week or so.  Or longer.  However long it was, I’m losing track.  My mind has been elsewhere.  Mostly elsewhere on buying a house and fighting the Arnold Schwarzenegger of colds.  (Strong and makes you talk funny)

Our house purchasing is still in process.  We’ve found a place and are now doing the whole counteroffer two step which will hopefully get resolved today because after today…I won’t be here to sign off on papers.  If all goes well, we can get that stuff settled today and then Jason can hire an inspector and appraiser and get those sorts of things settled up while I’m gone.  Then I will return and leisurely finish signing all the paperwork for closing so we can take possession of even more debt at the end of April.  We’ll see how smoothly THAT goes.

Also on the agenda, as you may have noticed, has been my frantic packing for an 11 day trip to Georgia with my mom and sister.  No, not that sister, the other one.  My aunt lives in Macon, and my cousins somewheres about there.  So we’re flying over tomorrow morning to Atlanta to spend some time with them.  We’re also planning to drive up to North Carolina at some point and see some more relatives that are obscure to me and therefore I can’t tell you about them quite yet.  There’s also plans to go shopping (surprise, my Mom is going) and possibly to drive over to Savannah and hit Paula Deen’s restaurant.  I’m not sure how much access I’ll have to internet there.  I am unaware of whether or not my aunt or cousins have internet, much less wireless…so you may have to just satisfy yourself with checking up on my Twitter feed over there to the right –>

…which I can update via text message.  However, if I do manage to find some internet, I will try and post some pictures from whatever the heck we are doing so you can be vastly entertained by my Southern relatives.  Yup.