Hello y’all.  Or something like that.  I am still in Georgia until the 14th, but this looks like one of the rare times I will have internet access for the duration of the trip so I’m going to take some durn good advantage of it.  Right now, I’m at my cousin Jennifer’s house in Macon, which is south of Atlanta and Forsythe (where my aunt Elaine lives).  We are supposedly going shopping today, but I inconveniently forgot my purse back at my aunt’s house, which has my plastic and paper monetary resources in it…so we’ll see how today goes. 

So far, we haven’t really done all that much in the way of vacationesque activities.  We got here Thursday afternoon and took a taxi to the car rental place and then drove down to Forsythe from Atlanta – about an hour drive.  My aunt had to leave for work, so we skipped over to a fast food place called Big Chick for some food before she had to go.  I had a corndog and mashed potatoes, sensing that I was going to be eating a lot of barbecue and fried food so I tried to keep it healthy.  My mom dove right in with fried chicken and fried okra and sweet tea.  And then we went home and watched the Food Network and other crap on television until my mom let a bird in the house.  Which we had to call my aunt to come help us catch. 

Friday we slept in, but not too far in, because we are trying to adapt to the time change.  Then my mom dragged me around to some quilting and fabric stores so she could look around.  Needless to say, I was a bit bored but so tired I didn’t care.  We also hit up a yarn store in Macon and I blew my entire yarn budget on some sweet new needles and yarn that I haven’t seen over on the west side of the US.  We drove all the way back to Forsythe for my cousin’s youngest son’s baseball game.  And then … there were the tornadoes.  Yeah, if you’ve been following my Twitter, you may have noticed the tornado evacuation stuff going on.  It was fun.  My mom was Fareeking (yes, not a real word) out and my aunt, who is slow as slow can be, plus my cousin who was on drugs, and me all piled into the rental car and drove in the horizontal rain and the lightning and the winds to a safe place.  Also known as Cracker Barrel.  Yes, folks, we went to a Cracker Barrel to hide from the storm.  *shakes head*  On the bright side, they did have fantastic corn bread.

Most of the rest of the time (up until yesterday evening) has been spent listening to my aunt and my cousin argue about pills and such.  My cousin, Jason, has PTSD from serving over in Iraq for six months and having half his friends killed.  He’s completely different from how Katie and I remember him and is addicted to about 20 different kinds of medication – from pain relievers to Ambien to Xanax.  He’s been hallucinating and talking to people who aren’t there and forgetting things.  Last night he was mad and sticking his head in the microwave looking for whoever stole his burrito.  On Saturday, he was arrested when he drove home on his lunch break and ran a red light and almost hit a police car.  The sad/odd thing is, although my aunt is upset and worried about him, this seems like it is the status quo around here.  Right now, the plans are to go shopping in Atlanta tomorrow…but if Jason doesn’t shape up…all four of us are supposed to plan on gang pressing him to the VA hospital for detox.  For the third time. 

Now we’re at my cousin Jennifer’s house – as I mentioned earlier.  Last night we had bbq’d steaks and baked potatoes.  She has three sons named Thomas (10), Peyton (6), and Griffin (4), who are super cute.  We all played Wii, and they have Guitar Hero 3 for it.  Thomas can play on hard already.  And Peyton has almost mastered medium.  And Griffin likes playing with trains and his lightsaber.  They all have custom built lightsabers they got at Disneyworld last fall.  And we watched Episode III together.  Mostly they’re just cute…although Peyton and Griffin are both madly in love with Katie.  Thomas informed them that “she’s your cousin, you can’t marry her anytime soon.” 

We are, as I said, going to Atlanta to the “Mart” for shopping – whatever the heck that is.  Apparently like the biggest flea market in the world.  I only have so much suitcase room so I probably won’t make many purchases.  Wednesday we are going to Savannah for the night.  My mom wants to visit The Lady and Son’s restaurant – Paula Deen’s place.  And so we will sightsee there.  Then the plan on Friday is to take off for Highpoint, North Carolina – where my mom grew up – to visit more obscure relatives.  We’ve already eaten a ton of barbecue (I’m sick of it) and imbibed much sweet tea.  I’ve had okra and ribs and pulled pork.  It’s properly but not overly humid…and definitely not as hot as I expected. 

Keep checking back for the Twitter feed updates.  I’m not sure if it’s working because it doesn’t show up on my cousin’s computer.  WordPress has changed their dashboard set up…so that my have something to do with it.  Or maybe it’s just because she uses an old version of Explorer.  I’ll try and get it straightened out soon.  Who knows if we’ll have internet for the rest of the trip so you’ll probably have to satisfy yourself with this post and Twitter.  Catch you later.  Or earlier, with the time zone change.