Aunt Elaine\'s Ribs

It rained most of the day and the rain brought about a cancellation of my little cousin’s T-ball game. My cousin, Jason, did get pulled over on his way home from work for lunch. We spent the majority of the day watching television and reading (on my part), watching the rain, and then running to Ingles for groceries. Kate was arriving on Sunday morning, and since she’s a vegetarian, we had to pick up some food that she could eat. That night, we went out to Sonny’s restaurant for barbecue and met some of my aunt’s friends. Most of us ordered the all-you-can-eat ribs, which were not spectacular. We dropped by Fred’s store on the way home and then stayed up until 3 am – since my mom had to leave at 4 am to pick up Katie in Atlanta from the airport.

Juliette Police Station

After everyone arrived home on Saturday morning, we packed up and drove the few miles to the town of Juliette. This is where the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” was filmed, and nearly everything in Juliette is centered around the Whistle Stop Cafe – the restaurant from the movie. That outhouse is labeled “Juliette Police Dept” in case you can’t read it. There were several cute shops, and lovely lamp posts everywhere. Everything was blooming.

Juliette Blooms

There were also bits of sets leftover from the movie, that have been absorbed into the fabric of the town – Smoky Lonesome’s house, the barbecue pit, even the grave. And they had red, green, and yellow tomatoes painted all along the main drag.

Yellow Tomato

And of course, all the stores have enormous porches where you can perch on rickety rocking chairs and wait for your turn at the Whistle Stop Cafe. We entertained ourselves by trying to teach my aunt how to cross her eyes. To no avail.

Cross Eyed

At the Whistle Stop Cafe, they’re obviously famous for their fried green tomatoes…which honestly didn’t sound too appealing considering I don’t really like tomatoes. But we tried them anyway, along with their sweet potato fries and a lot of other dishes. I was exceedingly naughty and ate only fried foods for lunch…which of course I later regretted. These are the tomatoes:

Fried Green Tomatoes

That evening, we went to spend the night with my cousin, Jennifer.  For reference – Jennifer and Jason are my cousins, and Jennifer has three sons, whom I call my “little cousins.”  We ate steaks and baked potatoes and salad, making faces at Thomas, Peyton, and Griffin (the little cousins)- as they started to get used to us. We watched them play Guitar Hero III and Wii Sports. Then I crowded onto the master bed with them and watched part of the end of Episode III of Star Wars before heading up to bed.

The Whistle Stop

We also took advantage of the internet service there. My aunt hasn’t even unpacked and set up her computer since moving in October, much less gotten her internet service up and running. Katie had been up for almost 48 hours straight by this point, but miraculously – I fell asleep before she did.

Mom and Katie on the Porch